HDMX Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker (Grey) £16.44 delivered @ Amazon

HDMX Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker (Grey) £16.44 delivered @ Amazon

Found 15th Mar 2014
This product has been posted before, but as far as I can see this is the cheapest delivered price from Amazon - according to camel camel camel anyway!

At the time of writing this is available from another seller at amazon, fulfilled with free deliver for £16.19 however I am specifying the Amazon price of £16.44.

This is a portable, rechargeable bluetooth speaker that has very good reviews. Similar to the slightly cheaper "pop up " portable speakers which are also very good but usually not wireless. Hope this helps someone. Cheers.
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These are a great bluetooth speaker. Bass is nice and deep and lovely treble. They seem to be able to throw the sound well too, so for the size, they'll fill a medium room with sound from your phone.
was looking to buy a bluetooth speaker... looking at the TDK A33 but not sure whether to go for this as its so cheap. Is it worth paying the extra?

£16.19 here … £16.19 here http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B0091REESM/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all

read the op's post!
I have one of these speakers it has great sound, don't be put off by it being cheap buy two! Lol
Thanks....ordered two. Hope it lives up to the expectation and reviews!!

Thanks....ordered two. Hope it lives up to the expectation and reviews!!

It will they are great i'm looking to get the upgraded version (XT i think it's called) as mine will get wet being in the shower.

I'm sure it's fine in the bathroom well away from the bath :-)
Does this work with the iPhone (via Bluetooth)?
Thanks op, heated and ordered to replace my Jay World one which is good but too much background interference noise when quiet.
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read the op's post!


I got it from Flubit for £14.22 :-)
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Does it work with laptops or tablets?
Just bought one, thanks!
if you buy 2 you can pair them for true stereo

Does it work with laptops or tablets?

You can plug headphone-level audio from pretty much anything that has a headphone output, directly into this through the 3.5mm jack socket, if you want to save the battery life. It’s about 10 hours directly connected, vs 4 hours over bluetooth.
Product Dimensions: 7.1 x 7.1 x 6.4 cm ; 345 g

is that right? seems very small.......
It will work with any Bluetooth device. I am not sure these can be paired fire true stereo though? Thought that was the slightly more expensive versions - but great if they can.
had one for a year or so and its very good. paid £30 for mine so excellent at this price
So it could work with a tablet and laptop,that's great,only asking because I was looking at a speaker in Morrison's which stated that that model was only compatible with I phones and smart phones,I don't have a smart phone,mines so cheap its probably a thick phone.
Does anyone know how this compares with the brick that amazon are selling?
Ordered the red one for a friend's daughter off Amazon (£17) on Monday (said delivery Sat or following Monday)... Delivered Wednesday, brilliant!
Tested at work on low volume so can't comment on bass etc but so easy to connect, even 4 me.
Heat added.
Someone posted on the deal I put UO a few weeks ago about the price drop. Didn't think it was worth reposting but hey ho. Seems a really good deal for the price!
Have a look at this Bluetooth Speaker on £7.29 delivered. It has built in MP3 player with micro SD card slot. I have just ordered my 2nd one they are great. Tried posting the deal but was pulled by mods cos seller doesn't have enough feedback but is a UK seller and mine arrived in 3 days.
ordered, thanks. was tempted before when they was around £18.
back to 16.99
This is a great bit of kit. had mine a couple of years, used regularly and still going good. One of the best pieces of technology I've bought.
Ordered, thanks!
these are fab little speakers, I have 3 and they are awesome

Does it work with laptops or tablets?

Amazon price now £16.99 still worthwhile with all the good reviews.
My brother bought one of these for our Aunt at Christmas, after she got over thinking it was an actual pot of jam I hooked it up to her iPhone for her.. I was genuinely astounded at the sound that came out of it, level, tone, bass and most importantly no distortion, seriously impressed!

Buying one for myself at this price!
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I'd recomend the jam plus rather than this one, I've had both had to send the orignal back as the bluetooth wouldn't work, for the extra the sound is a lot richer blue tooth works fine and if you buy a secon you can pair them for stero sound which sounds even better.
Can the jam or jam plus work directly from the mains? Thanks.

if you buy 2 you can pair them for true stereo

Is that these, or the JAM Plus? Or both?
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