Head and Shoulders cool menthol 250ml    Tesco  32p

Head and Shoulders cool menthol 250ml Tesco 32p

Found 22nd Jan 2011Made hot 22nd Jan 2011
Scans at 32p. (Barcode ends in 065) Online still at £2.43.

Relatively new on here so don't know if this will be seen as a good deal or old news. Noticed this tip on MSE from a few months ago, for 1p. thought I would try it, came up as 32p. Still v good I thought.

(I do have the receipt. But it will only say 'shampoo 32p)


bought some of this when it was 1p.

32p hot but gotta say dont think i'll be needing any ;-)

hot for me.


bought some of this when it was 1p.


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It was scanning at 1p a while ago, but I only heard recently, hence tried it instore and came as 32p.

Also Head and shoulders dry scalp conditioner 200ml is on at 59p online. This has been posted by someone earlier

I posted the original 1p deal here. I've still got about 10 bottles left but I'll see if I can stock up with more. Still a bargain at 32p.

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Great find Maddoglewis. Let us know how you go with the 32p find. This bargian hunting is all new to me

last time i bought them at 1p...my 1 mandarin was more expensive than a dozen of H&S shampoo bottles!

good deal<3

Brought some today @ 32p, but be aware the product has 2 barcodes. Barcode ending in 065 are the ones you need the other barcode is @the full price of £2.43. Search right back of the shelve as the 065 code is older stock..good luck :-}
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