Head Athena 5 Piece Gym Set.

Head Athena 5 Piece Gym Set.

Found 10th Dec 2008
Was looking for a cheap gym bag set. If there is anyone out there who is going to have the new years ambition of going to the gym more often this might help out

* Holdall, gymsack, washbag, wallet and waterbottle.
* Colour sky blue.
* Material microfibre.

* Holdall has 2 end pockets.
* Carry handle.
* Adjustable, detachable shoulder strap.
* Holdall.
* Size (H)46, (W)26, (D)26cm / (H)18.1, (W)10.2, (D)10.2in.
* Weight 500g.

* Gymsack.
* Size (H)43, (W)32, (D)1cm / (H)16.9, (W)12.6, (D).04in.
* Weight 80g.

* Washbag.
* Size (H)12, (W)20, (D)6cm / (H)4.7, (W)7.8, (D)2.3in.
* Weight 110g.

* Wallet.
* Size (H)7.5, (W)12, (D)1cm / (H)2.9, (W)4.7, (D)2.9in.
* Weight 44g

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