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Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Classic Clean Shampoo Multipack, 500 ml (Pack of 3) £10.50 or £9.98 Subscribe & Save at Amazon

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Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Classic Clean Shampoo Multipack, 500 ml (Pack of 3) £10.50 or £8.93 S&S

It's the bigger 500ml bottle compared to the supermarket 400ml and it's much cheaper too.

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This Head & Shoulders Classic Clean clarifying anti dandruff shampoo set includes 3x 500ml anti dandruff shampoo.


Intense moisturization
Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo deeply moisturizes your hair and scalp to give you beautiful hair with a light finish.

Fights early signs of dandruff
Our formula fights the early signs of dandruff, including oil, dryness, itching and flakes before they even show (with regular use).

Beautiful, flake-free* hair
Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff formula keeps hair beautiful and up to 100% flake free*.

*visible flakes with regular use

Better together
For best results, use Classic Clean Shampoo with Head & Shoulders Classic Conditioner that cleans your hair while keeping it fresh and beautifully moisturized.

Dermatologically Tested
Our anti-dandruff formula is developed by experts to take care of your hair and scalp and is dermatologically tested.

Up to 72h dandruff protection*
Targets the root cause of dandruff, for up to 72h protection from flakes dryness and itch**

*visible flakes, with regular use **itch due to dandruff.

Good for you
Our formula is pH-balanced and boosted with antioxidants for gentle care of hair and scalp.

Bottles made with 40% recycled plastic*
It's our mission to free the world from dandruff. This guiding principle also inspires our mission for the planet: leave no trace behind.

*40% of the plastic used to produce this bottle, excluding the cap, is recycled.


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    As an alternative, B&M have classic clean 750ml bottles for £3.99 each, so that makes 1.5l (same as the 3 bottles in this offer) for £7.98, a decent saving if you have a store nearby.
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    Knees & Toes
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    B&M £7.98 for the same volume if it helps (or £3.99 for 750ml).
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    Been itching for this deal. Thanks.
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    I didn't know you had dandruff...
    I don’t
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    I recommend this shampoo, some people don't but I do rate it. Been using it for the past 20-ish years and no dandruff at all.
    Good price op.
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    This is and has been the same deal Tescos have had since forever.
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    Cheaper in costco
    Last time I was in (last week) the 2 x 1 litre bottles were on offer with an instant saving applied - but were still over £14 incl vat. I ordered a 1 litre from Amazon instead, £6.89 on s&s, but this deal works out at £6.65/litre.

    Unless there’s a new deal in Costco?
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    Normal price in supermarkets 3 for £10. as in tesco
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    Thanks op shampoo sorted
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    Good price
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    Ordered, many thanks
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    Heat added - thanks OP - thanks also for mentioning these are  the bigger bottles too….
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    Ordered thanks. Used to buy the 2x1ltr bottles from Costco but got rid of the membership so this is the next best thing.
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    Good deal as they are 500ml bottles, a lot in the supermarkets and Wilko are only 400ml
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    Ordered, thank you!
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    3 for 10 normally in supermarkets
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    Ordered.. 🤘🏼

    3 fOR 10 iN TeSCo.. Please read description & bottle size before commenting.

    Tesco does 3 for £10 but it is for the 400ml bottle which makes it £10 1.2L - This one is £9.98 for 1.5L.. Really isn’t rocket science (edited)
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    I jumped at this deal and ordered but then I realised you can get a 750ml bottle in Home Bargains for £4.99. You're not saving any money and your just lining the pockets of Jeff Bezos. I gave heat but this isn't a great deal.
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    3 for £10 at Tesco