Head Soothe yes £1 @ Poundland

Head Soothe yes £1 @ Poundland

LocalFound 24th Feb 2012
If you want an alternative to taking tablets for headaches, you could try Head Soothe-a stick balm you rub on your forehead.I have found this to work well.There is a more expensive brand like this.
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voted hot,these are quite expensive usually.
I got this few weeks ago for this price should have posted. Rivals are 4 x in cost for branded. It works as well :-)
Thanks. I'll get some of this for my wife and rub it on her head an hour before we go to bed!!!
I buy this all the time as it really does work. I prefer this one to the branded one as it tends to go on smoother and easier. x
These are brilliant - really helped with my headaches - about to google where my nearest poundland is!
None in the Chichester store that I could see. I'm assuming they will stack these near to the tablets etc as that's where I looked.
I was skeptical about this, especially when I couldn't see any ingredients listed so I didn't know what was in it or how it was supposed to help. I have to say, it was £1 well spent, I still don't know how it works, but it does!
I had a headache for about2 months after having a stroke. I was taking 8 paracetomal every day but they didn't help. Then I found this and wish I'd found it earlier. It has helped me
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