Head watch on Amazon, reduced from RRP £65 - £18.66 Prime / £22.65 Non Prime @ Amazon

Head watch on Amazon, reduced from RRP £65 - £18.66 Prime / £22.65 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 23rd Feb
This is going to be a bit of a Marmite watch, I reckon, because some will like the look of it and others hate it.

I have an old Head watch and it's still going strong. It's been reliable and waterproof (100m), so fine for swimming.

There is an even uglier brother to this one here: amazon.co.uk/HEA…TR5

I'm posting it because there is another colour of it for sale at £51.10
so it's not that something near the RRP has never been charged,

Let us know what you think.
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I like marmite but the watch is ugly, I'm still going to give heat.
Head, good?
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Thought it looked ok until I saw the larger picture................Looks like someone has worn it whilst painting using a roller with black paint
I've ordered one, plus a Casio AE-3000W-1AVEF because I need a new waterproof watch battery and these are nearly as cheap as a new battery.

It's certainly a weird thing to look at, so I'll let you know what it's like when it arrives.
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It went back up to £54 and I noticed this morning it is back down to £30.36. Funny how Amazon pricing works.

Anyway, I got one (and the Casio, as I mentioned above). I'm going to keep the Casio and send the other one back, unless someone wants it from me (there would be a few quid posting I guess, but otherwise happy to pass on the bargain).

Private message me if interested.
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