Heads up if you have Boots nappy bag voucher from boots baby club

Heads up if you have Boots nappy bag voucher from boots baby club

Found 3rd Aug 2012
Just a heads up for any new mums. I just joined the boots parenting club and you get posted a voucher for a free nappy bag worth approx £33 (supposedly but good bag nevertheless) if you buy nappies. The nappies are buy one get one half price in store just now but when I bought the £9.49 bag of nappies it classed the bag as nappies so the nappy price for the bag of nappies was halved so only came up as 4.25. I also got a 50p off pampers voucher so got that off too but I think those vouchers are random. Also the boots card machine gave me a voucher for £2.50 off £10 spend on baby items (excludes milk) so I also bought a bathroom toy story step (£7.99) car baby mirror (£4.50) and sippy cup (£4.49) so the whole lot bag, nappies, step, mirror and cup only came to £14. Someone else may benefit so giving this heads up.
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hardly new news , i got this over 4 years ago
new news to new mums !!
Thankyou for the info I was unaware cheers thanks for posting
still awaiting my voucher have 2 weeks till my due date, if I get it in time will go get some nappies half price thanks for the heads up on that offer
Thanks for the reminder! Save some pennies to spend £££pounds elsewhere
Scottish heat added.
It is a very old offer and the bag is not worth that amount. It is a cheap polyester thing that while useful (has a changing mat etc), we gave to charity to help the poor.
Bag still going strong after 2 years. Well worth it!

hardly new news , i got this over 4 years ago

Some people can be so rude, no need!

Thanks op wasn't aware, just joined.

Some people can be so rude, no need!Thanks op wasn't aware, just joined.

you only have to open your eyes and you can see half of the baby nappy bags on buggys are the free boots ones ............... this "offer" has been on forever . My daughter is 4 1/2 years old and its been going longer then that , so hardly a hot deal (_;)
The hot deal is really the fact I got £9.49 nappies for £4.25 and a free bag. Not sure when the buy one get one get one half price ends though. Also not sure if glitch as I was really surprised to get my bag of nappies half price when I only bought one packet. The till classed the bag as nappies. One of my friends got the same deal at a different branch. Someone else may be lucky.
I pop on here most days to grab a bargain or two. I don't post anymore or comment. It seems some people pop on here just to belittle others and/or moan! That's exactly why I don't post!! (Waiting for the usual sarcastic responses!)
By the way, thanks for the very useful post OP!
Hey- just managed to get nappies for half price plus the boots changing bag. Thanks for the heads up
Thank you, just got the bag with half price nappies! It worked for me.
i joined months ago but still havnt received the vouchers
mine ran out so missed out
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