Heads up, Wii & DS due in stock at shopto.net

Heads up, Wii & DS due in stock at shopto.net

Found 11th Dec 2007
Just a heads up rather than a deal as such, just got the following email:

"We have had confirmed by Nintendo our final allocation of Nintendo Wii and Ds Consoles for this year.

This means that we will be receiving stock on a regular basis right up until the big day itself.
So if you are still looking to purchase that elusive present for a loved one keep visiting our web site on a daily basis to see current availability and latest bundles.

Please be aware before you place your order for any consoles.
If you have already purchased a Wii or DS console from us in the recent past we are currently running a policy
of 1 Console per customer due to the shortage of these items. If you still go ahead and make the order we will cancel it and refund you the money which may take upto 3 days to do."

No word on price - whether it's stanalone consoles or if it's overpriced bundles. But hopefully this can help some of you get hold of what you need for christmas!

Sorry if it's already been posted or turns out to be rubbish lol.


Just had this email too.... still after a ds for the mrs so hopefully will get one, shopto are normally quite good on price aswell

Pink Ds Lite in stock at Tesco - you can collect from your local Tesco


out of stock for me
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