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Healthspan YoGo MultiVitality Mixed Fruits 20 sticks £4.46 at Healthspan
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Healthspan YoGo MultiVitality Mixed Fruits 20 sticks £4.46 at Healthspan£4.46£5.9525% Free P&P Free
Healthspan 25% off everything for the Bank Holiday weekend Valid until 25/5/20 Yogi MultiVitality Mixed Fruits 20 sticks was £19.95 now £5.95 with a further 25% off by using code… Read more

Thanks. Got there eventually. :)


Or How about strawberry flavour. You need to click on 20 stickS to add to basket


You have to click where it says 20 sticks


Won't let you add to basket.


Not Oos as just purchased

50% off all orders with code at Healthspan
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Posted 1st Jul 2019Posted 1st Jul 2019
50% off all orders with code at Healthspan
Code valid until 31/7/19

Hot from me - thanks for the code - just saved me £20 on tablets for dog!


Thank you.just used it to get 3 packs of krill oil.heat. :) (y) (y) (y)


Try LB-GJY 50% off has just worked for me


Code didn't work for me


Is this company any better than the generic brands? If yes, why?

Free Personalised Nutrition Pack @ Healthspan App
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Posted 19th Feb 2019Posted 19th Feb 2019
Free Personalised Nutrition Pack @ Healthspan AppFREE£0.01
Download the free app. Get a free multivitamin, protein blend & electrolyte in the post.
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Thanks OP.

50% off everything @ Healthspan
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
50% off everything @ Healthspan
This is the best Black Friday deal I've seen yet - if you're into the healthy stuff.

Thanks for the code Stephen ... I used Quidco too, but doubt they will pay as I had to delete their affiliate code from the promo box to use the 50% off code ... but very pleased with that anyway! Not counting on the extra £2.50, as they often decline if you use a voucher code


Thank you @stephenburton great saving for me (y) (y) Tracked also using Quidco with their £2.50 cashback with a £5 spend (y) (y)


Ditto thx OP! Glad on checked HUKD before ordering using the 15% code in their recent email. Nice to also see the prices of items I order regularly hadn't been jacked up (y) (y) (y) :o :o :o unlike everyone else (mad)


thanks for sharing @stephenburton (highfive)

Half price Healthspan vegetarian multivitamins 120 £4.73 @ Healthspan
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Posted 30th Jan 2018Posted 30th Jan 2018
Half price Healthspan vegetarian multivitamins 120 £4.73 @ Healthspan£4.73
Normally £9.45 Our formulation brings together high levels of iron and vitamin B for cognitive functions; calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium and teeth; zinc, selenium, f… Read more
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In fairness I did say I was referring to those in good general health. I fully appreciate there are individuals who's uptake may be impaired. Myself I suffer from a chronic bowel disorder, and I have spent many years living in poverty, so I fully appreciate how life circumstances can influence ones diet. What I will say though, is that it really is a myth that eating healthy is more expensive, because when it comes to shopping its meat, dairy, alcohol, coffee and processed foods that are expensive, take these out of the equation and most people should be able to put together a balanced diet on even the most modest of budgets.


Here's a bit of info as to why I mentioned magnesium.. "the amount of magnesium your body actually uses is different than the total amount of magnesium found in a food or supplement – in fact researchers have found that the average magnesium absorption by the digestive system is only 20 to 50%. Those who are particularly vulnerable to magnesium deficiency may need to take extra steps due to the inability of their bodies to assimilate magnesium properly. They include: Those above the age of 55Those who regularly consume alcohol, caffeinated beverages or sodasThose taking certain medications such as diuretics, heart and asthma medications, birth control pills and/or estrogen replacement therapyThose undergoing significant psychological or physical stress, including surgery, burns and liver diseaseThose suffering from digestive disorders" This isn't even talking into account people who simply can't afford enough of the types of food which provide a healthy diet every day.


I understand what you are saying about the nutrient contents of foods often being less than in the past, but a balanced diet should easily cover rda's for those in good general health. Magnesium is in loads of foods, such as ; leafy greens, many wholegrains ( like wheat, oats, quinoa), seeds & nuts, bananas, legumes ( like lentils, chickpeas, peas and many beans), avocado's, dark chocolate, tofu, fortified cereals, bread, potato's, and fish, yoghurt and milk for those who eat animal products.......the list is plentiful and I could add more. The problem is so many people eat what they want and not what they need and then try and plug the gaps with supplements and digestive aids.


Actually there are a few minerals that are quite hard to get enough of, magnesium for instance. food today is far less nutritious than it used to be due to over farming and fertilisers.


If you eat a balanced diet and are in good general health, you don't need to take multivitamins.

Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1,000mg for 320 tabs £14.45 - Healthspan
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Posted 23rd May 2017Posted 23rd May 2017
Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1,000mg for 320 tabs £14.45 - Healthspan£14.45
Hi guys no sale but was looking at buying some Glucosamine Sulphate. checked in Holland and Barrett but its pretty expensive. They do Glucosamine Sulphate 1000mg 240 Caplets for … Read more
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Mine are also 1 a day high strength. Each to their own.


good price. myprotein has 360 tabs on for £7.74 (with discount code) . but you gotto pay posting.


These are what I'm on:-


HEY got a better deal .see my new post.


Direct from Amazon, or Marketplace? If the latter, I'd be very wary indeed about the possible contents. oO

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50% off all Healthspan products until end of January
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Posted 25th Jan 2017Posted 25th Jan 2017
50% off all Healthspan products until end of January
As a member of parkrun I just got an email about a new partnership between Healthspan and parkrun, and an offer of 50% off all Healthspan products until the end of January... I d… Read more

Ah, sorry everyone, I guess you do need to follow the email link to see the adjusted prices? So maybe only useful for existing parkrun members... Nothing to stop you joining though I suppose and parkrun is great fun :)


I had the same email - the 50% off applies automatically but only if you click through directly from the email


Yep Brrrrrrrr cold from me..


I've never known Healthspan to put all of their range on a 50% off sale - and your link doesn't take us to a sale page and you haven't provided a code or other details. Are you sure you were sober when you posted this (i.e. were you drinking responsibly?)


Thanks - is there a code for this? The prices seem much as normal (ie ludicrously high) on the linked pages.

MultiVitality® Gold 90 day supply, buy one get one free £5.45 delivered @ HealthSpan
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Posted 29th Jul 2016Posted 29th Jul 2016
MultiVitality® Gold 90 day supply, buy one get one free £5.45 delivered @ HealthSpan£5.45
Full 6 month supply, trusted supplier, never seen them so cheap Buy one get one free, adds to basket itself Free delivery YOU MAY HAVE TO WAIT ON THE PAGE FOR A POPUP OFFER Adv… Read more

Not working


Not working for me either


Offer did not work for me. It was a dodgy situation though, your confirmation of your success is once you've ordered!


Will this work with the 180 tablet bottle?



Free Nurture Replenish intensive pigmentation reducing complex worth £15.45 @ Healthspan when buying another Nuture product.
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
Free Nurture Replenish intensive pigmentation reducing complex worth £15.45 @ Healthspan when buying another Nuture product.£4.90
Get a free Nurture Replenish intensive pigmentation reducing complex worth £15.45, 30ml tube when you buy any other product in the nurture range. Item is added automatically to yo… Read more

Huh, weird, just added the face wash to the basket and it gave me £2 off anyway, so the code couldn't be applied. oO Changed it to £4.90. :)


Thanks! Was posting in a hurry! But the minimum is actually £4.90 once you use code HSEMXFE (£2 loyality discount code) Have just posted it in vouchers:


Thanks for posting. Have made it a bit clearer in the title that you have to buy something else, and the minimum spend is £6.90 once postage is included. :) There's also a £3 off £15 spend code available:

Healthspan: Free Replenish Lip & Eye Contour Serum worth £10.95 when you buy any other product in the Nurture range.
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Posted 22nd Jan 2014Posted 22nd Jan 2014
Healthspan: Free Replenish Lip & Eye Contour Serum worth £10.95 when you buy any other product in the Nurture range.
Got this in an email from Healthspan- just bought something myself (Nurture facewash- £4.95 in the sale) Pretty good deal as free product costs normally £10.95 and is actually a g… Read more - 50% Off Sale
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Posted 29th Feb 2012Posted 29th Feb 2012 - 50% Off Sale
50% off quite a few of their more popular supplements, and lots of other items in the sale. Examples: MagnesiumMore half price: £3.20 Ginkgo & GinsengMore half price: £3.95 … Read more

Unless you are short of some vitamins, eg from a weird diet or whatever, the ones you take will do exactly as I said - exit down the toilet. Some can even be dangerous in excess. What makes you think you need them?


Can't got wrong with a solid Multivitamin and joint suppoprt!


It's not Healthspan specifically - just the overwhelming majority of 'healthfoods' and supplements are of no benefit at best or potentially harmful at worst. You'll notice how reticent they are about making claims which they can't support - they just cleverly imply possible benefits without the risk of getting themselves into trouble. They prey on the gullible. Most of these things aren't properly tested or regulated like medicines either.


why do you say that? I often buy from them.


Save yourself the trouble of swallowing them - just pour them directly down the loo - same effect! Snake oil. Save your money.

Big sale up to 50 % - Healthspan - free delivery
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Posted 18th Jan 2012Posted 18th Jan 2012
Big sale up to 50 % - Healthspan - free delivery
Very good deals - vitamins, herbs, extracts ... Examples: Acai Berry - 2,000mg half price: £5.95 Bilberry Extract half price: £6.45 Cranberry half price: £4.95 Ginkgo & Gins… Read more

Believe that if you wish. The obesity epidemic is just one piece of evidence to the contrary. The vitamin D deficiency is almost entirely within Asia communities who keep all skin covered (we need sunlight to metabolise vitamin D). I repeat, if you have a normal balanced diet you don't need these. If you have a medical problem the NHS is there to help but will not engage in voodoo medicine. Can you enlighten us as to which vegetables have lost 90% of their nutritional value or did you just make that bit up?


Utter rubbish! With industrialized agriculture the soils are now severely depleted in minerals resulting in vegetables that are depleted in nutritional value. Some reports say down to 10% of what they were 100 years ago. The human body can't produce it's own supply of certain vitamins, eg. vitamin C, and needs supplementing. Likewise with vitamin D in northern climes in the winter. One of the main causes of disease in affluent western society is, ironically, nutritional deficiency.


Good prices but take the effort out of the process - just tip them directly down the toilet rather than swallowing them first. If you eat a decent, balanced diet and don't have a dietary disfunction you don't need this snake oil. If you do NEED it the NHS will give you proper advice. Some of these things can actually be harmful in excess too.

healthspan 50% sale now on free uk delivery @ healthspan
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Posted 4th Jan 2011Posted 4th Jan 2011
healthspan 50% sale now on free uk delivery @ healthspan
quality vitamins & supplements at a fraction of the high st price

Whatever that is?? Might well be good for particular items, in which case post them specifically. Just for the stuff I buy, they don't beat the main supplier I use. (that's not cheapest for everything I buy either) I also find they don't stock some of the stuff I buy either - and that's one of the main reasons for using a Channel Islands supplier, they usually stock stuff that's not available legitimately in the rest of the UK as different laws apply, and are easier than getting them from the USA!


compare lipo carn


50% is just marketing waffle. Every single item I buy, that I compared was cheaper at at their normal prices. Some items are cheaper elsewhere, that isn't making out they are the cheapest around. (both are Channel Islands suppliers so like with you wait longer for delivery

Optiflex Glucosamine 360 tablets - £12.95 delivered @ Healthspan
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Posted 2nd Sep 2009Posted 2nd Sep 2009
Optiflex Glucosamine 360 tablets - £12.95 delivered @ Healthspan£12.95
78% cheaper than h&b Loads of other health items cheaper than h&b
Summer Sale @ Healthy Direct - Free P&P + 25% Quidco
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Posted 10th Jun 2009Posted 10th Jun 2009
Summer Sale @ Healthy Direct - Free P&P + 25% Quidco
Up to half price on selected items. Don't forget to use the 10% voucher code for orders more than £35. And the massive 25% Quidco. Topped up my stock of Glucosamine to keep the bon… Read more
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1-a-day A-Z Multi-Vitamins & Minerals for Women 360 tabs £6.49 delivered @ Healthy Direct
Posted 23rd Mar 2009Posted 23rd Mar 2009
1-a-day A-Z Multi-Vitamins & Minerals for Women 360 tabs £6.49 delivered @ Healthy Direct£6.49
Vitamin A (Retinol) 800 mcg (100% RDA) Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 5 mcg (100% RDA) Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 10 mg (100% RDA) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 60 mg (100% RDA) Vi… Read more
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Also go through Quidco and get [SIZE="3"]25%.[/SIZE] Good Luck.


That's a good price for years supply of multi-vitamins. Good find. :thumbsup: Maybe it's the men that are voting it cold. :whistling:


Anyone who voted Cold care to say why? You won't get 360 vitamin and mineral tablets anywhere for this price.

Up to Half price Autumn Sale @ Healthy Direct - plus Free Delivery and £2 Off £10 spend !
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Posted 16th Sep 2008Posted 16th Sep 2008
Up to Half price Autumn Sale @ Healthy Direct - plus Free Delivery and £2 Off £10 spend !
Check out the up to half price Autumn sale @ Healthy Direct ! They have a small selection of sale items with Free delivery on all UK orders - remember to check out their clearanc… Read more

The voucher code that you entered was not found - maybe you made a typo?


And they give a massive 25% via Quidco too.

Up to Half price Sale @ Healthy Direct - plus 25% Off discount code!  (works on sale items)
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Posted 23rd May 2008Posted 23rd May 2008
Up to Half price Sale @ Healthy Direct - plus 25% Off discount code! (works on sale items)
Healthy Direct currently have up to 50% Off a small selection of sale items .. but, even better you can get an extra 25% discount on these items using Discount code: WELCOMEBACK25 … Read more

Excellent! Thanks for the tip Big Bum - i'll add that to the op :)


excellent code - I have also posted a £2 off £10 offer code here HF234 which can be used with your checkout voucher code - so you get both discounts


Great just ordered, been waiting on a good code. Thanks :thumbsup:

180 Creatine tablets only £3.99 delivered.... + free Item
Posted 16th Apr 2008Posted 16th Apr 2008
180 Creatine tablets only £3.99 delivered.... + free Item£3.99
bloody bargain,.. its the cheapest i have seen may not be for every one,,, but the best price i have seen plus free 30 pot of pomagranate

wise words!:thumbsup:


Makes no difference what you eat. Creatine merely pulls water into your muscles, for which there are 'possibly' 2 benefits. Firstly, it gives you a 'pumped' look after you've been taking them for at least 2-3 weeks. Secondly, it is supposed to help both the stamina of your muscles, and also speed up recovery time after working out (not exactly proven, but enough people have said it works to have some faith in it). But there's also a couple of problems with these tablets. Firstly, and most importantly, results with this type of creatine (monohydrate) isn't always that great. It has a habit of attracting the water around the muscle, instead of into it. This gives your body more of a bloated look and doesn't help your muscles in any way. Secondly, these tablets are only 700mg. The recomended dose for creatine monohydrate is 2 x 5g doses a day (the 3-4 capsules a dat they recomend on that site is a joke, you'd be likely to see no benefit at all with a dosage like that). That is 14 of these capsules a day, so that 180 capsule pot isn't looking so cheap now... If you want better results you should find some creatine ethyl ester powder. It may cost more £ per gram, BUT, the daily dosage is 2 x 2.5g a day, so it lasts twice as long. CEE is also more effective at pulling the water into your muscles, so you're more likely to benefit from using it. Also, don't forget the effects of creatine are TEMPORARY, a few weeks after you stop taking it you'll lose the pumped look it gives you, and your stamina and recovery times will go back to normal. EDIT: One other VERY important point, if you do choose to use either type of creatine, you MUST drink at least an extra litre of water a day (every normal person should drink 3 litres a day, not the bare minimum of 2 litres that doctors recomend. So if you take these capsules drink 4 litres a day).


plus free 30 pot of pomagranate


3 quid after quidco,... le bargain


your welcome

Healthspan sale has now started, up to 50% off selected products
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Posted 3rd Jan 2008Posted 3rd Jan 2008
Healthspan sale has now started, up to 50% off selected products
50% off on some of their multi vitamins and other supplements and smaller discounts on some others, Free P&P on all UK orders

My mum orders loads from them and swears by [url][/url] I use this but it's not in the sale :x but it's still a good price. They are always reliable and customer service is very good


I've used Healthspan a few times - good service and delivery (usually within 10 working days). Most of the popular products seem to be included in the sale and free P&P to mainland UK - which is a standard feature i think.