Heart Internet Free Web Hosting UK

Heart Internet Free Web Hosting UK

Found 4th Feb 2007
This company is offering free web hosting. You can transfer in your .uk domain name for free and renewal is only 9p. The only catch as far as I can see is that the data transfer is only 100MB per month so I think they're hoping that if you exceed this then you'll upgrade to their hosting service. What I've done is bought a domain name (not hosting) from 1and1.co.uk for 1.99 +VAT per year (min. 2 years so total £4.68 including VAT) and then transferred it over to Heart Internet and neither company charged me for the transfer.

Here's what is included according to their website:

Some of the features of our free account include:

No Purchase Necessary
No Pop-ups or Advertisments
Commercial Use Allowed
Real Time Activation
No Catches
Offer open to customers in the UK only

All These Features for Free!
Webspace: 2,500 MB
Data Transfer: 100 MB
Mail Boxes: 1,000
Autoresponders: 1,000
Mailing Lists: 1,000
Email Forwarders: Unlimited
Catch-All Email: Unlimited
Junk Mail Filters: Unlimited
eXtend Control Panel
Webalizer Graphical Statistics
FTP/SSH Access
£300 Software and Free Web Tools
Site Management Tools
Massive CGI Script Library
Cancel Anytime!
Price Freeze Guarantee
24 x 7 Technical Support (not included)
Sign-up Now! Real Time Activation!

Although you get 2500MB of webspace, the 100MB per month data transfer limits this. My tip is to create a small website and link to photos or graphics on another site where you can upload your pictures for free (something like mypixmania or photobucket) and then you won't use up your monthly data transfer either uploading photos or when other people look at your site.

This is my first deal posting so I hope it is useful to someone!


Surely they mean that the domains are 9p renewal... plus the Nominet charge of £5.00+VAT per 2 years? Otherwise they really are giving things they're actually paying for away for free.

Original Poster

I think you're right, have a look here:


So in effect it's £5.18 to renew for another 2 years as far as I can see. I think the 9p refers to the yearly cost for renewing the web hosting.

Saying that, 1and1 claim to be charging slightly less than £2.50, so I don't know if there's a hidden £2.50 to pay with them as well. :?

I hate all this "It's free! (but there's a compulsory charge to pay to someone else (by the way, you have to pay that charge directly to us))".

But yeah, assuming you wanted a domain anyway, you can get some free hosting and you won't find a much cheaper UK domain than this. 100MB transfer really is nothing though, that's why they can give it away - the tip about storing photos somewhere else is probably essential.

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I bought a domain name from 1and1 and they only charged me 1.99 +VAT per year, so a total of £4.68 in advance for 2 years. No hidden charges, but it is only the domain name, absolutely no webspace. I couldn't find anyone else cheaper for buying domain names and then transferring to Heart Internet's free web hosting meant I didn't have to pay for a hosting package.

Yes I know the 100MB data transfer is tiny, especially when they give you so much webspace. There are ways around that and I've made a pretty nice little website that's less than 1MB in size and it's a personal one for friends and family so I'll never exceed the 100MB limit unless I get really popular lol!

must be being very blind, can't see the 'free' hosting ??

Click "go to deal" here, or it's in a very subtle link in the green bar at the bottom of the page (I had to CTRL+F for free to find it, suppose they're not interested in publicising it).

but are heart any good?
Just found the free bit whilst ggogling and thought I'd come here to see if any one knows anything about them...

do they have alot of downtime, whats the customer service like etc?

I want to put my jewellery website on there. I'm building it at the moment and so the free option is great while I get myself started- then I'll probably upgarde to xomething a little bigger

I think this is certainly worth a try.

I have a domain that is currently parked with Acelogic and it costs me £19 per 2 years and it's only the domain name, no webspace!!

Might move my domain over to HEART...
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