Heart of Darkness free audiobook narrated by Ken Branagh [Kindle Edition] at Amazon

Heart of Darkness free audiobook narrated by Ken Branagh [Kindle Edition] at Amazon

Found 15th Sep 2014
Don't know whether this is a glitch or promotion, but you get the "Signature Performance" reading of Heart Of Darkness by Kenneth Branagh for free, where it is usually £16.95!

Follow the Amazon link and "buy" the kindle version for free. Then, because you own the kindle version, Amazon offers you the "whispersync" version (i.e. the Kenneth Branagh audio book) also free.


Prose that demands to be read aloud requires a special kind of narrator. For the Audible Signature Classics edition of Joseph Conrad's atmospheric masterpiece, Heart of Darkness, we called upon four-time Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh.
Branagh's performance is riveting because he reads as though he's telling a ghost story by a campfire, capturing the story's sense of claustrophobia, while hinting at the storyteller Marlow's own creeping madness. Heart of Darkness follows Captain Marlow into the colonial Congo where he searches for a mysterious ivory trader, Kurtz, and discovers an evil that will haunt him forever.
With this landmark work, Conrad is credited with bringing the novel into the twentieth century; we think Branagh brings it into the twenty-first.

Edit: There are a few other Kindle and audiobook combinations floating around free or cheap, see the second post
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You can download the audiobook through Kindle on supported devices (I've used my Android phone) and through your Audible account as a standalone audiobook
Thank you, that's great
Managed to get the whole lot for free. Great find op!
Thanks OP, have some heat.8)
One of my favourite books. Kudos. YNWA
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Many thanks OP for showing this!
Good spot! and it gets better - it looks like they are choosing some classics each month for this freebie - plus there is also now a Best Sellers in WhisperSync for Voice section - some good bargains in there too - cheaper than the £7.99 per month for Audible subscription, e.g. Lee Childs' Jack Reacher books from 99p to £3.49, an Ian Rankin's Rebus book £2.85, etc.
Heat added
Heart of Darkness
Woman in White
Something to read / listen to on the train.
Thank you.
Also, how about "The 39 Steps" for Kindle free, with audio book by Robert Powell added for 99p
thanks got bleak house
heart of darkness is great, then watch apocalyspe down again.
do I need to have an audible account?

do I need to have an audible account?

Yep. I think you can create a free account, but you might as well take the free trial, which comes with an audiobook credit.
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You can start the audible trial ... download any audiobook and keep it. Then cancel the trial straight away.
It's a shame this seems to involve having to use the dreadful Audible. Been shafted by them once - once was enough thanks. A pity the bunch of muppets who took charge of AudioGo made such a complete mess of it as it was vastly superior in every way.
Is this the book that 'Apocalypse Now' is based on?

Is this the book that 'Apocalypse Now' is based on?

Yes, very loosely. But totally different war -- and a very different lyrical language.
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