Heart of the swarm collectors edition + Beta key @Game £54.99

Heart of the swarm collectors edition + Beta key @Game £54.99

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Found 20th Nov 2012
Kerrigan is at the heart of an all-new campaign as the epic tale continues in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm for PC.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Collector's Edition Features:

Exclusive In-Game Content:

Torrasque Ultralisk & Portraits
Crush your enemies beneath in indomitable Torrasque, a fearsome new look for your Zerg Ultralisks, and unlock three Swarm-infested portraits
World of Warcraft Pet Baneling
Meet your corrosive new best friend, the Baneling companion pet. He's bursting with excitement and can't wait to explode onto the Pet Battle scene.
Diablo III: Blade Wings and Banner Sigil
Grow zergified wings in honour of the Queen of Blades and unfurl an exclusive banner sigil to heral your Swarm pride throughout the besieged world of Sanctuary

Exclusive Behind the Scenes DVD and Blu-Ray Two-Disc Set
Soundtrack CD
Heart of the Swarm Art Book
Zerg Rush Mouse Pad
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expensive for what is an expansion, no doubt i will buy it anyway
Haha, well if you dont own the game its the full game, also you get the beta key and is a collectors edition.
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