Hearthstone Card Pack (PC Download / Battle.Net) £0.49 - GameKeysNow

Hearthstone Card Pack (PC Download / Battle.Net) £0.49 - GameKeysNow

Found 10th Jan 2015
You’re buying a PC download key for Hearthstone Expert Card Pack. This is a unique code that allows you to legally download an Expert pack for Hearthstone.

Limited to TEN codes per Battle.net account

Good offer, although not as good as previous ones, as you can effectively get 10 packs for less than a £5 and if you were to buy 7 packs in store that will set you back £6.99.
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Never understood ten packs per bnet , does that mean redeemable I definate or in the season ?
Ten packs per b-net account means the codes you are getting are freebee promo codes from the other blizz games they sell keys for. They get boxed copies at wholesale, scan the codes and sell them on the cheap so they have shed loads of the little inserts with promo codes on them.
Edited by: "Afroshin" 10th Jan 2015
they can only sell 5 packs every 24h, codes are sent via email, you add them to your battlenet account
these are the classic backs, not the gvg ones in case you are unsure

perfect for my lady, she is just starting
Expired, back up to 95p a pack now
Shame, it is good to keep an eye though, although I know I have my 10 packs. Got 2 golden rares in one
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