Heat Logs from 7/11/13 @ Aldi £2.99 per 10kg box of 8

Heat Logs from 7/11/13 @ Aldi £2.99 per 10kg box of 8

Found 1st Nov 2013
Bought these last year from Aldi and will certainly be replenishing stock this year, very good burn time and value compared to buying in seasoned logs.

To buy them direct from uk heatlogs a box is £10, so to get anywhere near this price per box you need to buy bulk i.e 900kg = £349 / 90 = £3.88 a box.

So at £2.99 a single box is great value


These genuinely last around 90mins each and give off a great amount of heat - £2.99 / 10kg box of 8 logs.

Last years thread


From uk heatlogs own website:

Heat logs, briquettes manufactured by UK Heatlogs are manufactured under the HETAS scheme and we are one of the largest producers and suppliers of heatlogs / briquettes in the UK. We specialise in the manufacturing of recycled wood briquettes which are manufactured at our site in Hereford from sawdust and wood waste. We pride ourselves on supplying premium quality heatlogs and an exceptional welcoming service throughout the whole of the UK.

UK Heatlogs are a cleaner and greener alternative to other fuels as they are carbon neutral. This means that the carbon released from the briquettes when they burn is equivalent to the carbon absorbed during the growth of the wood. Our briquettes are made in Herefordshire from locally sourced, environmentally friendly and 100% clean, recycled sawdust and wood waste.

As a result, there are no impurities or additives in our briquettes. The sawdust and wood waste for our heat logs is dried lowering the moisture content to approximately 6% and then compressed to form very dense briquettes. Consequently they burn for much longer and hotter than seasoned firewood, producing about 18kj of heat per gram.
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At £2.99 I'll be giving these a try! Heat added, ta!
Remember also the Verdo Briquettes at Home Bargains are £2.49 for 10 kg.
Surely more energy in a tonne of coal compared to more expensive peat... £240 delivered on pallet from ebay.co.uk/itm…669?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Hearing_Cooling_Air&hash=item43c07aa7dd

(price is £240 if contact them direct)
very limited free delivery on that coal, only within a 30 mile radius of HX4 8ED once you drill down into the small print
Worth bearing in mind that these briquettes are suitable for any type of appliance, stoves, open fire, garden heaters. Whereas house coal is very restrictive, you will not find a stove manufacturer recommending house coal. The only coals suitable are anthracite and the man made coals.

Coal unless smokeless is also banned in certain areas of the uk, you need a bunker etc to store it outside as it is very dirty and something you do not want to be breathing in, unlike these heat logs which are totally clean and can be stored in doors.

Just some things to think about not just headline prices,
Wont be long before we are all burning logs to keep warm maybe we should all just go live in Parliament there's plenty of hot air in there.
Hopefully some left next Saturday.
Looks like a HOT deal.
Heat for a heat product (_;)
2 hours logs at home bargains always £1, You can't bet them

2 hours logs at home bargains always £1, You can't bet them

These last me around 90mins each, 8 in a box give a total of 720 mins (12hrs) burn time for £2.99

The 2 hour logs in HB would cost £6 for 12hr burn....
Purchased these last year from Aldi, going there for 09:00 Thursday for as many as I can get.

Double the price locally.
Only 10am and already down to the last 4 boxes at my local.. So picked the last few up for a try.
Hit Exeter store at 08:20, full pallet outside. Managed to fit 16 boxes into a trolley and then into my poor little car.
Bought three boxes to try them - only as a supplement to proper wood though. They were instore rather than outside in my local, and by 11am, judging by the neat pile, I was the first one to buy any.
Picked up mine today, last 18 boxes, same quality as last year, just sitting here now watching them burn
Used these style of logs in CenterParcs in Holland on many occasions - much more expensive over there! Very little waste and quite hot.
When I first got out wood stove installed I would buy in wood at around £150 for 3 cubic metres which at the time was pretty good, it was delivered and stacked and well seasoned. Around 2 years later I was paying over £200 for the same amount, not stacked and not as well seasoned. The last couple of years I have gathered my own wood and try and keep a season ahead, however I find these are great to supplement the wood as they get a lot of heat in there in a short amount of time. As mentioned above these are cheaper here than mainland europe where I find seasoned wood is better and cheaper! So herein the uk these make perfect sense, buying in seasoned wood here now is only for the brave as I find quality and service is very hit or miss.
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