Heat Seeker (Nintendo Wii), only £26.99.

Heat Seeker (Nintendo Wii), only £26.99.

Found 27th Mar 2007
Price available using "BEST10" code.

Available 30/3/2007.

Heatseeker, the supercharged, blackout-inducing flight combat game coming late March, is set to give players unprecedented control over the militarys finest aerial weapons thanks to an innovative use of the Wii controls.

In Heatseeker, players are offered a choice between using the Wii Remote pointer as the planes guiding system and using the Nunchuk just as a real fighter pilot would use his in-cockpit flight stick. Delivering enhanced graphics and advanced animations, players will want to slam on the airbrakes and reverse thrusters to enjoy the view.

See Heatseekers precise control in action in the new Wii-exclusive video, now available to download from codemasters.co.uk/hea…ker.


Looks like a good price at the moment, but have never had much luck with ChoicesUK delivering on game release day (best I have managed is the Monday after which is the worse time to receive a new game!).

don't forget quidco, they've also got Medal of Honour Vanguard for same price (£29.99), then 10% off
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