Heat Steelbook BLU RAY £7.99 @ Play.Com

Heat Steelbook BLU RAY £7.99 @ Play.Com

Found 10th Dec 2012
Excellent price and great film. Pacino De Niro at their finest.
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sighs ...got my mate to order this as his prezzie for me when they were on pre-order at £11.99 even better price now ... have some "heat" :P
I wouldnt say De Niro and Pacino at their finest, but a decent film and a great price for a steelbook. Heat , for Heat!
thanks to cheap not to buy
good price great movie that gun fight! wish amazon would price match dont like play.com
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Very nice, I am in danger of replacing my DVDs with Blurays and then where will I be in a few years time when super bluray comes in!
And just as I put it in the basket, it goes to £12.99
great film and a good price for a steelbook. not a fan of steelbooks of them though when you could get this plus goodfellas, the mission and once upon a time in america from sainsbury for the same price a couple of weeks ago
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