Posted 13 January 2023

Heated Throw Over Blanket (Various Colours) - £36 delivered @ Weeklydeals4less

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Decent price for this Heated Throw / Blanket which is made from Cotton & Coral Fleece and is Machine Washable.

Features 9 Heat Settings with Overheat Protection.

Made from Cotton & Coral Fleece and is Machine Washable.

8 Colours available

  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Baby Pink

  • Easy friendly controls
  • Cotton & Coral Fleece
  • 9 Heat Settings
  • 1-8 Hour Timer Settings
  • Overheat Protection
  • Detachable Remote Control
  • 12 Month RTB Warranty


130 x 160 cm

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WeeklyDeals4Less More details at WeeklyDeals4Less
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    Anonymous User
    Great find. It looks similar (at least the controller) to two I bought from Amazon for a lot more. I guess we will see when it turns up. Certainly a quicker and cheaper way of keeping warm when sitting around because you are heating the person and not the room. They all say you can wash them in the washing machine (after unplugging the lead from the throw) but reviews show that some people have problems after that e.g. not working, bent cables inside the blanket. If it does get dirty I would just do a low temperature handwash to clean it.
    I have washed mine twice ( looks like this one) on a 30 degree wash and low spin.. still working absolutely fine.
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    I bought two of these for the same price from this seller in preparation for the winter and they've been great! You don't need the heating on if you're under one of these bad boys - really warm and snug! They were a godsend during the cold spell in December!
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    £36 is considered a good deal for these now?
    I bought these from the same seller for £20 last year.
    So did I, but nobody has a time machine to go back to when
    the cost to putting the heating on was lower either.
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    the only problem with the 'heats the person, not the room' angle is that houses need to be warmed too... to keep out mould, stop the pipes from freezing and to keep the floors warmed, etc. you can't walk to a tiled bathroom with that one your shoulders like your superman and use the bog or get changed in an ice box!
    Dehumidifer for the mould, needs to get exceptionally cold for pipes to freeze while inhabited, and a heated bathroom is an unnecessary luxury
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    Got one of these from this seller for less, a year or more ago - still working.
    Have washed it a couple of times at least.
    Usually the controller goes faulty in heated covers but so far really good if you are mostly in the one seat. (edited)
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    Smaller than double electric blanket which you can get for £25 and it used 120w whereas an electric blanket uses 80w
    The higher the better for throws.
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    Have now bought 4 different blankets for family members and they are great. Not tried washing them yet, i'm a bit wary.The heat settings are adjustable.
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    Nice, ordered one!
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    Fingers crossed! Bought one, hope it's ok
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    I also bought the same blanket when it was posted a few months ago and was a bit wary but it has actually been really good. Washed and used multiple times and gets very warm. Way better than the two Dreamland blankets that failed after a few uses.
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    I got a similar one from Amazon before Xmas for a lot more but it’s been amazing for WFH - have not turned heating on during the day once since I got it! So just ordered 2 more of these (so I can leave one in office & one in sitting room & one for son)
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    Ibuse one when wfh as its much cheaper that running the central heating or a quartz of fan heater
    A quarter? Try a tenth. Most are around 100w to 150w and that's if on full.
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    I recommended these to family and friends ...price goes up and down got mine at £23 but still good value at current price....they have proved reliable and work great.
    When did you get at 23?
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    Got this exact blanket for the wife for Christmas, absolutely fantastic and gets really hot, hotter than the Silentnight one we have which is still very good. Can’t comment on longevity, but so far so good and great for home working, saves putting the heating on during the day when it’s just me in the house.
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    How much do these cost to run?
    About 4 to 5p an hour on full setting (120watts) at current average unit rate -
    though even lower at lower settings. (edited)
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    bought one a while back and it has been through daily use in our conservatory (usual prob of too cold in winter....blah blah.) - the blanket is fab, offers tons of heat and if left on by accident has a safety off feature (my daughters are the worst for this!)
    Bought another for the outside office as far cheaper to use than heating the larger space if not required
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    Have had one of these bought in Dec 2020 and used daily, washed a few times and has been absolutely brilliant. Recently it’s getting a bit finicky about turning on and not all of it seems to heat up. Was bought back then at £25 but for the amount of use it’s had, just ordered another one
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    Got this for wife month ago, control has already melted and now buttons dont work, id avoid.
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    can anyone tell me what standard delivery times are for this? it's not going to end up coming from china, direct, is it? gawd! not royal mail, is it? (edited)
    Royal Mail tracked 48, arrived in 2 days
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    Purchased 1 of these arrived today but turned it off after 1 hr because the connection plug to the blanket was red hot
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    Ordered this, used it once and now its not working. Shame as I bought one last year that's still going strong. This new one seems thinner, less robust than the previous
    Its bloody dangerous. Send it back absolute disgrace they can sell these
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