Heathrow Express - Free upgrade to First Class (free kids travel too)
Heathrow Express - Free upgrade to First Class (free kids travel too)

Heathrow Express - Free upgrade to First Class (free kids travel too)

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Not sure many people will get a great deal of benefit from this given that it expires on 31st August but I needed a Heathrow express ticket for this evening & found this deal.


Heathrow Express is offering a free upgrade this summer, when you book online at
heathrowexpress.com/US09. The offer is bookable from April 1st, and valid
for travel from June 15th to August 31st, 2009.

The First Class cabin delivers a high-end travel experience in these times of
cost containment. These stylish cabins feature plush leather-trimmed seats and
personal tables. Sink into an extra-large seat, and enjoy the extra leg-room.

Then either settle down with complimentary copies of magazines, newspapers or
use the extendable tables to catch up on some work. With Onboard TV, Internet
Wi-Fi access and uninterrupted cell coverage, even in the 6km of tunnels you
won't waste a moment.

Heathrow Express cabins are level with the platform, making it easier to get
your luggage onboard. All cabins are climate controlled and include modern,
accessible toilet facilities.

A one way ticket in Express Class is £16.50 and a round trip ticket is £32.00,
if purchased from the ticket office or machine from London Paddington to
Heathrow Airport. The upgrade is offer is only valid with online bookings.


if its so express, you wont be on the train long enough to enjoy it

Good deal, I have used this and it's good although if you want a budget option, then just get the piccadilly line all the way. I have done both several times (HR express mainly when work are paying lol )

£4 each way I think (possibly £3). Remember you still have to get to Paddington (I think) to get the HR express so you will still have to get on the underground at some point. If you're not travelling during the rush hour (esp early morinng or late at night) then you'll have no issues with getting your luggage on the tube.

The tube stops in the same location and there are trollies ready for you to use to walk straight into the terminal.

For most people the HEX is a waste of money. The only reasons I can think for using it are if someone else is paying or you are getting a train or staying at Paddington (and I wouldn't choose to stay at Paddington). But in those cases I'd consider using the substantially cheaper Heathrow Connect

Most expensive railway line in the world isnt it?

2nd class is pretty nice too.
1st class for all of 20 minutes.
Not sure it's worth paying more for. So this deal is okay.

More comfortable than the crowded tube journey. (peak times are cattle trains)
But depending on where your ultimate destination is.
(Most people dont end up staying in Paddington)
the tube could be just as quick and definitely cheaper.

If there are 4 of you then at off peak times its cheaper by taxi.

What is the benefit of 1st class? Isn't this about a 30 minute journey?

Waaay overpriced. And normal seating is normally easily available as all passengers are effectively people going to Heathrow for a specific flight.

Not voted hot or cold as it's a freebie and I'm curious as the the 1st class benefits!


What is the benefit of 1st class? Isn't this about a 30 minute journey?

15 minutes from Heathrow Terminal 1, 2 and 3. The benefits as stated from the Heathrow Express website:

"With quicker, easier access to the terminals, plus more leg room, uninterrupted mobile coverage/Internet Wi-Fi and complimentary papers, First Class makes perfect sense.

First Class accommodation stops by the station exits, guaranteeing you quicker and easier access to the terminals.
You can hang your coat, sink into an extra-large seat, and enjoy the extra leg-room. Then, the choice is yours. Either settle down with complimentary copies of the FT, magazines, or use the extendible tables to catch up on some work, and with Onboard TV, Internet Wi-Fi access and uninterrupted mobile coverage, even in tunnels you won't waste a moment."

Depending on the time you go it is not crowded on the tube though.

Anything much before 8:00am and it's empty! The journey time from Kings Cross to Heathrow T3 is about 45 minutes. Likewise before 4:30pm and you're fine. All depends when your train is but remember you are travelling out of central London so in the morning most people are travelling in so the trains get emptier every stop. The evening is slightly different of course!

Factor in the tube to Paddington, walk to the Heathrow Express, collect your ticket and then waiting for the train and I reckon the whole thing is comparable to just staying on the tube.

Thanks Weezerboy, that description of the 1st class benefits during a 15 minute journey was hilarious.

Black knight. I often have to travel across the country to Gatwick to get a very early flight. I once got a later afternoon flight and used Anglia Rail and the Tube - it was particularly horrendous as you have all your luggage with you while face to armpit with other passengers and trying to calculate the route. On the trains that have luggage space you are generally out of sight of it. while it's open to anyone.. It' s also so expensive. I always now use the diabolical National Express coach service - at least that way I get a few minutes sleep trying to lie across 2 seats with my seatbelt on during the 2:00-7:00 run through the night getting to Gatwick *very* slowly... Not having to worry about connecting trains.

Haven't dared look at their site since they were nationalised..
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