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Central Heating Oil 24p per litre using code
Just bought 700 liters for central heating oil for 24p per litre. After using the discount code FLASH-P10 to get £10 off. Seemed a good deal to me seems the lowest price in ages it would appear. Shar… Read more
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Alas the code has expired still the cheapest site I've found though so cheers

proved a false economy using these as they lost my tank cap I presume they dropped it inbetween the skin of the bunded tank so I'll have to get a new cap

Can anyone confirm how they deal with "short orders", I would like to top up my tank but not sure if I can squeeze 500 litres in, what happens if they can only get 400 in our example, do they surcharge you or just charge for 400 (boiler juice refund you from my experience)

I've only been on oil for a couple of years and when we first filled up with 1000 litres it cost us about £450 now I can get it for £250


I once took part in a roadside stop connected with my then job. They're … I once took part in a roadside stop connected with my then job. They're not interested in private vehicles - generally trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles such as taxis (possibly). They're looking for red diesel (green I believe in Northern Ireland) as that is subsidised diesel for agricultural and construction purposes - about half the cost of regular diesel. They dye it so it can easily be traced. Even if you once used it but hadn't in months, their equipment is so sensitive that they can detect the minutest trace. If the trace is very, very small they'll just give you a warning, unless you'd been warned before that is.They stop trucks and vans mainly as they're the most likely vehicles to use it as they have access to it easily - building sites and farms. Tractors use it and when they drive along country roads to go into the next field they're technically breaking the law as it's only for use on the land, not allowed on any public road - but they would never bother to stop them in a rural area. They may however stop one if on a main road or any road not near farmland, or indeed JCBs or similar as again, they're only allowed to use it on construction sites - not allowed to use it to get from one site to another. But again, they would probably turn a blind eye.However, vans and trucks would be targeted as one of their biggest costs is fuel and so are much more likely to use it illegally because they can save so much money. They would also target 4x4 vehicles, especially if clearly or obviously being driven by somebody that works on farms or construction sites.First thing they do is ask where you live and what you do for a living. If you say construction or farming, you're going to be dipped. Anything else, maybe, maybe not.What they would do however if they found somebody using Kerosene I have no idea!

Kerosene is clear so dipping wouldn't tell them anything anyway. You can use "gasoil" as domestic heating fuel, which is "red diesel", though only if you have a boiler that runs on it, most domestic oil boilers are kerosene though.

I still wouldn't have thought using kerosene in a diesel engine is particularly good for it, I know it is added in the winter anyway to stop waxing but this is generally in fairly small proportions, eg <10%. I don't think it lubricates the engine like normal diesel does.

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Home & Garden
Heating oil at 0.279 + 5% vat @ heatingoil
Heating oil.co.uk are offering £5 off any order of 500 litres or more using there app..... Not sure if the website offers the same deal Only available today with the extra £5 off....This deal is a l… Read more
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27.9p including VAT in Northern Ireland for many suppliers:
(not a black Friday deal)

£299 from these £290 boilerjuice
Ring companys direct quote boilerjuice price and get it cheaper still.

don't deliver in my area

Does anyone know how to convert 28 second oil into 35 second oil. Am sure there will be some clever person who knows lol.

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Was £146.48 for 500 litres delivered for me.....a nice top up before the christmas rush