Heavy Duty 60litres Crate reduced to £5

Heavy Duty 60litres Crate reduced to £5

Found 21st Dec 2017Edited by:"Sweetcorn12"
could be local, quite a few available in South Ruislip store. Online price is £10.262861276.jpg

Good deal, but not as good as the other Homebase deal for crates

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that would be good fr kids toys and other kid junk heat added
Great place to hide your gran and turn up Xmas day with the box and pop in it the middle of living room. What there faces when they unclip the handles........Boo!
just what i needed
Think it's national, got 6 of these in my local for that price on Tuesday
Is that just in store? It says £10.26 on line, and my closest Homebase has just changed to a Bunnings anyway.
I don’t know what the quality of these is like but last year or in January sales I got some clear plastic stackable boxes from Homebase and half arrived damaged. The others fell to pieces with minimal use. Left some really sharp edges too. Just my two pence worth.
Many stores have the 150 litre boxes posted here a couple of days ago at the same price -hotukdeals.com/dea…372

lids not strong enough for your children to sit on, but the boxes were great value for money
It's Bunnings stock so should be national. I bought a few today while collecting a K4 from the other deal
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