Heavy Duty Lever Arm Can Crusher for £4.56 delivered @ Amazon.co.uk

Heavy Duty Lever Arm Can Crusher for £4.56 delivered @ Amazon.co.uk

Found 12th May 2011
Reviews seem to be split 50/50 as to whether it's great or rubbish. However it does appear to be genuinely reduced and sold by Amazon as opposed to a marketplace seller.

It is significantly easier than this... - link removed and placed in below post - though arguably not as easy as stamping on them.

I realize this deal isn't for everyone but it does appear to be a genuine reduction.

•Can Crusher by Kitchen Craft
•Suitable for crushing aluminium cans up to 500ml in size
•Wall mountable
•Safe and easy to use
•Reduces can size by up to 80%
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I wonder if the 'other one' can crack walnuts!!!!!
These do not work
We had one of these when i was young. Great fun for kids but i agree that they don't work that well. They get sticky from the dribbles of coke left inside cans, and have a tendency to squash the cans in a wonky way. Steel cans like pepsi are especially difficult to squash in these! Also, if you pull down too fast the can flies out !

These do not work

Wot abt the Heavy Duty Lever Arm Can Crusher?
I use my foot.

I use my foot.

Its alright for you with your cloven hoofs...Lol
Yep just use your foot I can reduce a can to nowt in half a second flat! lol
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