Hed P.E. ~ New World Orphans CD - £1.99 at Play.com

Hed P.E. ~ New World Orphans CD - £1.99 at Play.com

Found 26th Jul 2010
Next cheapest is £10.99 at HMV.

Hed P.E.'s seventh studio album sees the rap-rock survivorsexploring a typically confrontational (and lengthy) set of new material. With the band releasing records independently since 2005's 'Only In Amerika', their sound has grown to be surprisingly non-commercial whilst retaining their legions of fans. Tracks such as 'Higher Ground' showcase their more experimental side, featuring a collaboration with psychedelichip-hop troupe the Kottonmouth Kings. Some of the material assembled here appeared in rough form on the preceding 'The DIY Guys' album, so fans will be pleased to see the fully realised versions presented here.

Don't forget Quidco/TC at 4%


Any good? I haven't heard one of their albums since Blackout.

Showing as 8.19 for me
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