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4 litre 10W 40 semi-synthetic motorcycle oil £10.70 @ Hein-gericke
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Posted 26th Jan 2016Posted 26th Jan 2016
4 litre 10W 40 semi-synthetic motorcycle oil £10.70 @ Hein-gericke£10.70
10W 40 semi synthetic motorcycle oil. My last few services I paid about £38 for a 4 litre can of this stuff. Hein Gericke offered this at a price which I think was a mistake. … Read more
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thanks ralph


J & S purchased about 14 shops the second time they went bump and I think German arm sell Franchises again.


though HG was no longer in business ?


Good spot! Had a few cans of this a year or so ago when on a similar deal. As the OP points out, it's a third of the price of similar spec semi-synth elsewhere. Perfectly fine for the majority of bikes, but experience has taught me not to feed supersport motors on it. Heat added ;)


Misleading . £7.14 shipping should be added to deal

Hein Geriche : ABUS Granit Sledg 77 - Motorcycle Disk Lock -  £47.99
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Posted 7th Jan 2015Posted 7th Jan 2015
Hein Geriche : ABUS Granit Sledg 77 - Motorcycle Disk Lock - £47.99£47.99
Seen this in Hein Geriche in Belfast and thought it was a crackin price. Level 20 and Thatcham Approved so may even save a few £££s off your insurance premiums. Showing as £93.… Read more

Fixed or at least it should be.


After their financial difficulties many of these stores have relaunched hench the lack of an official uk site as yet, so I have marked this as an instore deal.


So, how much is it and who is the merchant (details missing from the title) ?


It appears their website is down.

hein gericke essex jacket £149.99 now £59.99 free delivery
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Posted 5th Dec 2013Posted 5th Dec 2013
hein gericke essex jacket £149.99 now £59.99 free delivery£59.99
Hein gerrick have some stuff on sale but this seems like a bargain with free delivery

meant to say take the new one back with old receipt :)


shawny2013 Buy a reduced one then go back nxt day with old one. Done this a million times :)


I don't know if they will take it back, especially if I try to get the same one ha great deal tho heat added


can you not take it back and get another promise I wont tell :-)


Paid full price last week :(

Ladies Motorcycle Gloves XL or XXL only £14.98 @ hein-gericke.
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Posted 2nd May 2013Posted 2nd May 2013
Ladies Motorcycle Gloves XL or XXL only £14.98 @ hein-gericke.£14.98
Just found the deal, but not sure if its instore also. The gloves are priced at £9.99 reduced from £37.99, but they want £4.99 for p&p. They look like spring/summer gloves with… Read more

I know but the women's girlfriends might ! oO


You not seen 'Shrek' then?


Or those on the Harleys


I don't think any guys would like a woman with XXL hands!!!


XL or XXL size??? The only ladies that are gona need these sizes are ladyboys!

EASTER 'BUCKET' SPECIAL - 400 ml Chain Cleaner+400 ml Chain Lube+1 Ltr Gel Bike Cleaner+Sponge+Bucket+£10 Gift Card for £12.96 @ Hein Gericke
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Posted 29th Mar 2013Posted 29th Mar 2013
EASTER 'BUCKET' SPECIAL - 400 ml Chain Cleaner+400 ml Chain Lube+1 Ltr Gel Bike Cleaner+Sponge+Bucket+£10 Gift Card for £12.96 @ Hein Gericke£12.96
Recieved a text message last night: HEIN GERICKE EASTER 'BUCKET' SPECIAL - 400 ml Chain Cleaner+400 ml Chain Lube+1 Ltr Gel Bike Cleaner+Sponge+Bucket+£10 Gift Card ALL FOR AN AM… Read more

Store only, but I've just been to Stockwell & they have plenty. Excellent find


help no sign is this store only


link does not work can i have both links please? thanks



Sign up for the free Hein Gericke members club and you'll receive a loyalty card with 1,000 bonus points pre-loaded!
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Posted 15th Mar 2013Posted 15th Mar 2013
Sign up for the free Hein Gericke members club and you'll receive a loyalty card with 1,000 bonus points pre-loaded!
Hein Gericke is a website for motorcyclists equipment You don't have to buy anything with your own money .. sign up, get the points and buy the gloves. Sell them on ebay after and… Read more

tried this last year. points never materialised...will try again for another card


4.99 delivery still if you are near one of their shops http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/unternehmen/ourshops/


a website for organ donors brilliant !! (sorry could not resist ) hope this works gloves is just what i need lady's gloves available in xl and xxl Mechanic's as well socks too Balaclava's


Thanks op, will find something to spend the points on :)



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ALPINESTARS SMX-5 Boots White £99.99 @ Hein Gericke
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Posted 14th Feb 2013Posted 14th Feb 2013
ALPINESTARS SMX-5 Boots White £99.99 @ Hein Gericke£99.99
They seem to have a good run of these in different sizes plus free delivery at the moment so for the white bike bikers out there not a bad price Shared Via The HUKD App For Andro… Read more

Not all,


Hot from me - Although its a **** all the UK stores have closed, love walking around and trying gear on!


Size 45? Pah, that's 4 sizes too small...


I saw these for the same price at Ghostbikes when I went in today, one of their staff said they were starting a sale on Alpinestars gear next week too


Performance 12 Piece Socket Set 1/4 inch £5.99 Delivered @ Hein Gericke
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Posted 7th Dec 2012Posted 7th Dec 2012
Performance 12 Piece Socket Set 1/4 inch £5.99 Delivered @ Hein Gericke£5.99
Looks superb for the money High quality 12 Piece ¼ inch Ratchet Socket Set 5.5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13mm sockets 75 mm extension expired - xcess

Ive received ONE of the TWO 1/2 inch sets in a massive box ,and still havent received my two 1/4 inch sets!! Have sent an email to them!!! :(


Same thing happened to me. Email received 6 days after purchasing from their website that said item was in stock when I ordered. Even sent me a confirmation email after the order was placed. Now waiting for my money back. I paid via paypal.


Beware. The website will accept your order, take payment and then over a week later send an email saying they are unable to supply! I thought legally funds could only be taken when, and only when, goods were physically despatched. Cash flow problems perhaps?


This product is currently out of stock.


Still in stock, should be unexpired

Hein Gericke (Motorcycling) 40% Off & Free Delivery (This weekend) On HG Branded Products
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Posted 30th Nov 2012Posted 30th Nov 2012
Hein Gericke (Motorcycling) 40% Off & Free Delivery (This weekend) On HG Branded Products
Just ordered a few bits, some decent deals on tools etc. Cheers, Ian. "40% OFF ONLINE AND IN-STORE TODAY! Our exclusive Hein Gericke SALE is snowballing and quickly gathering … Read more

Thanx 4 posting


Ah is that right...... oh well. In recent years the oil has been the only thing i buy from HG, especially when they did the free oil filter with it.


Good price - bet it costs them more than that to post it!


brake cleaner, £1.87...sorted


I don't think the HG oil is available on line, tried buying some myself

Hein Gerricke Closing Down Sale Instore
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Posted 2nd Aug 2012Posted 2nd Aug 2012
Hein Gerricke Closing Down Sale Instore
Hein Gerricke have called the administrators in and everything must be sold. It is a shame that their shops are closing as they are a good Motorcycle clothing supplier all over th… Read more
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Just popped in to Farnborough brance, all stock is now 40% off.....so the 50%-90% prices are now gone. Told that as HG Germany now own HG UK, the stores will distribute remaining stock & then start again at full price. Still, got some bargains before the price "rise".


I went to Hein Gericke in Bristol today as I wanted to get some bargains, was going to buy kevlar jeans, boots and gloves if they were cheap enough. However after the 40 minute ride into Bristol especially to go there, I found that they had completely finished and wouldn't let anyone in anymore. To the guy above me moaning about people looking for a good deal, if the people who worked there all got together they could start a new chain of motorcycle clothing shops. Excellent time to start a business in this industry, as this recession has changed the way people think and more and more people are starting to learn to ride bikes and getting rid of their cars


you guys are a bunch of vultures!!!!!!! you seem to forget peoples jobs are at risk and many lovely people work in this company!!!! people are loosing jobs to keep there family with and all you care about is money off on stuff !!!! disgusting!!!! :(


Just got an email saying now "up to 60% off" during the bank holiday. Reading it for me it breaks down as: Everything has at least 30% off but no more than 60%. All clothing up to 50% off. I've not been yet, I suppose the bank holiday weekend is as good as time as any.


I will be going there to have a look next week possibly, but won't be buying anything until the prices have a MINIMUM of 60% off.

Hein Gericke Diamond Deals  Including Jacket for £100 from £250
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Posted 8th Jun 2012Posted 8th Jun 2012
Hein Gericke Diamond Deals Including Jacket for £100 from £250£100
Lots of deals like Hein Gericke TRG Valley sheltex® Jacket, beige-black-grey at £100 instead of £250. Obviously on for people that appreciate the quality that they provide.

think the oils are a good deal as well 4l semi synthetic is £10.00 http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/diamond-deals/hein-gericke-4-takt-motorradol-sae-10w-40-14282.html and 4l fully synthetic is £16.00 http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/diamond-deals/hein-gericke-4-takt-motorradol-sae-10w-50.html never used it before but silkolene is three times that price.


Good deal, - although HG are getting a bit like DFS now, always having 20% & 30% off sales week after week!

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Posted 8th Jun 2012Posted 8th Jun 2012
I have one of these rain suits and can tell you they are well worth the money at full price, so at this price it's a bargain Function Comfortable fit thanks to elasticated hem, c… Read more
Hein Gericke Smart Motorcycle Battery Charger £20 *Instore*
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Posted 2nd Jun 2012Posted 2nd Jun 2012
Hein Gericke Smart Motorcycle Battery Charger £20 *Instore*£20
Found this deal in Kenton branch of Hein Gericke whilst looking for the Oxford Oximiser 900. Oxmiser 900 was at £44.99 and this at £20 (apparently reduced form £49.99). Looks exact… Read more
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Their DJ sales run until Tuesday ;) ... Got some nice offers to on oil if you like to service your own kit!


25 litre Magnetic Tank bag  Was £39.99 now £8 but it can be had for £3.99 delivered from Hein Gericke
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Posted 31st May 2012Posted 31st May 2012
25 litre Magnetic Tank bag Was £39.99 now £8 but it can be had for £3.99 delivered from Hein Gericke£3.99
I've been looking for a tank bag for the odd longer trip and after receiving my free £10 HG clubcard a few weeks back. That I got from putig666's link (credit where its due). I f… Read more
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daft idea


won't this scratch the S*** out of the tank


It's really not an issue


if you place this on your tank .. and the bag is say full ... how are you meant to see your dials ??? im 2 hours into biking and just wondering.


I bought a lidl bag a couple of years ago I think for about 15quid & had no problem with the magnets since then. This sounds like a good buy for either 8quid or £3.99. Perhaps the person who had magnetic problems had modern plastic tank. These are not much good then.

free £10 store credit at hein gericke, just fill in a form, easy peasy
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Posted 19th Apr 2012Posted 19th Apr 2012
free £10 store credit at hein gericke, just fill in a form, easy peasy
Ok for my 50th "deal", I bring to you a free £10 store credit at hein gericke. All you have to do is either fill in the online form or go instore and sign up for their "hein gerick… Read more

i assume from your post that the £10 credit on the card can not be used towards postage? can you buy something for £9.99 say? does it have to be over £10? i and my other half each got a card. can you use more than one card in one transation, anyone know?


Mine arrived today.


got mine - and its for use on any spend over £10 - you need to buy stuff to a value over that - and pay £3.99 postage. A great deal if you can go into a store..or would buy stuff anyways - for someone looking for a freebie..it's not looking so hot.


Got mine yesterday! :D



MUC-OFF NO PUNCTURE HASSLE 1L £14.99 delivered @ Hein Gericke
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Posted 13th Apr 2012Posted 13th Apr 2012
MUC-OFF NO PUNCTURE HASSLE 1L £14.99 delivered @ Hein Gericke£14.99
Recently had to ride for several miles with 6 PSI left in the rear tyre, wasn't fun so hoping this'll help avoid me being caught short in future £10 off RRP, next cheapest i could… Read more
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My other half uses "Slime" got it for a fiver in wilko's. :-)


its for use with new tyres. but i'm just planning on deflating the tyre, using this and then re inflating. You put the stuff in through the air nozzle


How do you ge tthe stuff into the tyre?


The other product mentioned looks good @ £4.49 but the gits charge another £13 to N.I.


Interesting stuff. Holts tyreweld means you can't fix the puncture after use, but with this it doesn't seem to matter, and the tyre maintains its life under everyday usage, so hot from me!

Hein Gericke 'Aquatex' Motorcycle cover £13.59 delivered
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Posted 13th Apr 2012Posted 13th Apr 2012
Hein Gericke 'Aquatex' Motorcycle cover £13.59 delivered£13.59
Due to some absolute gem stealing my motorbike cover whilst I was at work I've just been on the hunt for a new one, this seems a decent enough price to share given that i spent ove… Read more
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The one that 'flew away' last night had too. I was just too lazy to bother using a bikelock to secure it, forgot people round here will steal anything that isn't nailed down. Guess i should just be thankful my bikes still there!


Looking at the photo it has a lock loop hole on front wheel to stop people stealing it. the one I got from ebay has lock loop hole in it too .


this is the one I had £14.99 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OXFORD-AQUATEX-MOTORBIKE-MOTORCYCLE-RED-COVER-MEDIUM-/260776145374?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item3cb77831de the black went grey, then white and the red went pink then white and poof it's gone.




i 'herd' it was best to roll in grass after a cowlision

Hein Gericke Performance Brake Cleaner, 500ml £1.99 Delivered
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Posted 12th Apr 2012Posted 12th Apr 2012
Hein Gericke Performance Brake Cleaner, 500ml £1.99 Delivered£1.99
Usually £2.99 (which is an excellent price) now £1.99 inc pp. Removes grease, dirt and brake fluid in brake drums, discs, pads, and linings, clutch parts, and cylinders Prevents … Read more

Ordered thanks.OP




My local HG has hardly any stock these days. If you want something from their catalogue that they haven't got in the shop, they want you to pay up front before they will order it in. Business cant be healthy. HG used to be decent quaity stuff at reasonable prices, but now a lot of it is chinese made tat at inflated prices. Their gortex textile bike clothing aint bad, but its hugely expensive. The prices of their lids often take the P. I used to buy quite a bit of stuff from em, but hardly ever shop there these days. Apart from their oil when they have the free filter offer.


True. When I replace pads I give the callipers a good spray, and the splash plate behind the disc. Watch all the black brake dust come off into the bowl you placed below. Once re-assembled, if I might have unintentionally got the slightest amount of grease on the discs, give a spray there too. Also, when you get new discs, they're generally coated in a light grease, that needs removing with brake cleaner.


This company won't be around for much longer I'm sure.

Hein Gericke Bike Care kit  £12.95
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Posted 19th Mar 2012Posted 19th Mar 2012
Hein Gericke Bike Care kit £12.95£12.95
HG Logo Bucket & Quality Sponge. 400ml Special Edition Performance Chain Cleaner 1L Special Edition Performance Gel Motorcycle Cleaner 400ml Special Edition Performance C… Read more

Great deal. Have some Heat.


Seems a decent deal especially with a £10 voucher thrown in..personally Wurth dry chain lube is the only stuff my chain sees nowadays though. amazing stuff.

Oxford x40 Motorcycle Tank Bag inc free delivery £59.99 (less 15% sale discount) was £99.99@ Hein Gericke
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Posted 29th Jan 2012Posted 29th Jan 2012
Oxford x40 Motorcycle Tank Bag inc free delivery £59.99 (less 15% sale discount) was £99.99@ Hein Gericke£51
Found this while planning my summer motorcycle trip. Reduced from £99.99. This is a RIDE magazine recommended product which came first in a recent test. Great deal for those dreami… Read more

I'd agree there sadly.


Good quality gear but overpriced.


It wouldn't surprise me for Hein Gericke to be the next big name in motorcycles to go bust, we've already had George White go bust, and most dealers are claiming that the motorcycle industry is at an all time low. In my local HG, their stock gets less & less and they are now wanting you to pay a deposit on anything you order. Its always almost empty of customers every time i go in there.


My order is still processing and the price is now £99.99, has anyone managed to get the tank bag delivered?


Just make sure your tank doesn't have a speck of dirt or dust on it, otherwise these magnetic tank bags can scratch and chafe the paintwork quite bad. I also cut up an old fleece top to the contour of the bottom of the bag and put that between the bag and the tank.