Heineken 12 x 330ml only £8.00 at Asda

Heineken 12 x 330ml only £8.00 at Asda

Found 22nd Oct 2013
Can't believe this hasn't been shared already, or if it has I couldn't find it. Asda have for the last few weeks had a rollback on Heineken Lager, it's £8 for 12 bottles. Not a price glitch or anything like that, well at least it is in Toryglen Asda in Glasgow.

The only problem is they only ever get in like 8 cases at a time so you have to be pretty early to pick one up.

Have checked and it is this price online also, so should be national.

This is significantly cheaper than anywhere else, other super markets have had at £10 recently but only for a week.

I am not sure how long the Asda price will last for but certainly worth picking up a few while it lasts.
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Good find, will need to pick some up
Heineken seems to be one of those things like Sky deals, rarely get heat even when they are a genuine deal. Hot from me, HK is the best beer by a stretch. The mini-keg cans are 12 for £10 at the moment at Tesco/Sainsburys so for me I'd rather pay the extra £2 and get them delivered with my shopping as my nearest Asda that stocks these is a 30 mile round trip/
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Great deal, shame that there's only ever a couple of boxes on the shelf as Heineken is ace.
Just an update, this is still £8 in my local store but now no mention of rollback or any yellow sticker, seems to be permanently marked at £8 on white price sticker - I am hoping this is a permanent fixture - result if it is. I know they only get something like 8 cases a day in at my store max, but worth a venture in around 10:00/10:30 to maximise your chances.
Still going in my Asda, the chap said the rollbacks usually last 3 weeks so these will be gone at this price and day now, unless it was extended - they did have a rollback notice on them
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mmm picked up some yesterday in Norwich. my favorite! have some heat
2 for £16 at Tesco now too, quick someone get it posted
This has been at £8 for about 5/6 weeks now, as it was priced for a couple of weeks before I posted it, assumed someone else had. I've done my stock up for xmas now on this, now onto the spirits and champagne!
I stocked up for Xmas too, along with the Cadbury's biscuits, Baileys and Dairy Box. They've almost ALL gone.
Latest update, went to Asda today and they had an end full of these, so definitely still going strong, luckily my trolley was full, so I wasn't lured to buy another 10 cases!
Hot! Thank you!
Just thought I would remind everyone this deal is still very much alive in Asda, my local still has a dedicated end filled with cases of it at £8. I know I keep mentioning but this is an absolute steal of a deal - normally £11+ in other supermarkets.
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