Heineken 24 bottles for £16.00 at Morrisons

Heineken 24 bottles for £16.00 at Morrisons

Found 31st Aug 2013
2 x 12 packs for £16, usually £10-12 each everywhere - could not find them on offer anywhere else at this price.


This is a good price for Heineken but still a little too steep for me, l remember when tesco had 12 bottles/cans for a fiver, never seen a deal come close to that, I bought 28 cases and it lasted roughly 6 months

Or 1 12 pack for £8 if you dont want 24 btl. In my morrisons anyway.. Good price since Im running low on the previous deal which was 12 Staropramen for £8.

Good deal! I posted last week though and got slated! Good look!!

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Heineken are like Sky and beats audio, would still go cold if 1p but for those that like Heineken like myself I just saved £8 on what I would have paid in Tesco tonight (or £4 if I'd bought the mini keg cans), so if someone else saves the simlar from reading this they I am not interested in how cold it goes, it's us against the supermarkets!
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24, the only quantity beer should be purchased in multiples of

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24, the only quantity beer should be purchased in multiples of

I'd say the minimum, not the only

If you're thinking of taking advantage of this deal, it could make sense to get the £10 off a £60 spend voucher in today's Times. Link.

How big are the bottles ... ?

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330ml, don't think they do any other size bottles in 12 packs?

yeah I am yet to see a joke sized sub 330 sized bottle of heineken, thankfully
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