Heineken 330ml 6 Pack - Down to £4 at ASDA!

Heineken 330ml 6 Pack - Down to £4 at ASDA!

Found 25th May 2010
Down from almost £8, some people love this beer, and as it's always expensive, those people usually just go for something cheaper instead. But no more! Heineken - now in my price range. And possibly yours? Don't know if this is online, definately in store though.
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great price for imo the best european lager

bring the summer
Why cold? ok expensive per litre compared to stella deals etc, but top quality lager IMHO. Best price anywhere, heat added. Cold voters please post if you can find cheaper!
Heat added becase I don't know of anywhere cheaper, again like already said anyone know of it cheaper then post please.
The only lager worth drinking imo. Luckily my dad works for Heineken so i get 24 330ml bottles for £10.
Cracking price. 6 packs of cans are £4.63ish in Tescos so this is great.
Cheap price, so heat added, but the beer is nothing special, certainly nowhere near the best euro lager I've ever tasted.
Cheap, but tastes like P155!
nO Fosters tasts like P155

nO Fosters tasts like P155

That I agree with.
strangly no one has posted where they can find cheaper lol
was a misprice lol
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