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NIte Ize 3 in 1 AA LED Flashstick - Was £12.95 now £2.95 (+£2 P&P if under £20) @ Heinie
Found 24th Jan 2018Found 24th Jan 2018
NIte Ize 3 in 1 AA LED Flashstick - Was £12.95 now £2.95 (+£2 P&P if under £20) @ Heinie
Nite ize make half decent stuff for the money, picked up a couple for the kids (and a few other bits, had to restrain myself!) HH delivery is lightening & customer service is … Read more
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Boker CPM Titanium Knife - was 120.95, now £89.95 @ Heinne Haynes
Found 2nd Jan 2018Found 2nd Jan 2018
Boker CPM Titanium Knife - was 120.95, now £89.95 @ Heinne Haynes
£89.95£120.9526%Heinnie Haynes Deals
Boker`s breadth of product range is not limited to one area. This stylish offering is made using 440V stainless steel and Titanium for the handle. It`s back lock mechanism is discr… Read more

I have cheap knives. I'd love to handle a well made 'expensive' knife just to see.


Ballbag1968, you need to try harder with the virtue signalling. You'll never be able to show your face at the SJW conference with these weak attempts.


Thought so...


Zzzzzzzzzz dildo


Go play with your knives as you're so fascinated by them....... You don't start fires as well by any chance do you?

Schrade 221 SCH221BKCP Knife - WAS £24.95, now £8.95 Delivered @ Heinnie Haynes
Found 1st Jan 2018Found 1st Jan 2018
Schrade 221 SCH221BKCP Knife - WAS £24.95, now £8.95 Delivered @ Heinnie Haynes
This special offer Schrade folder is a real bargain. It features a 9Cr10MoV high carbon stainless steel blade and dark green, almost black, handle made from sculpted aluminium. It … Read more

If you could have a locking knife you would, it's better and safer.


I'm fairly certain a baseball bat, or 'stick' is a lot more dangerous than a small blade...


I am actually gobsmacked here ... The people banging on about it being a knife and how can you post it because of stabbings... REALLY..?! When any fecker can stab and kill someone with your kitchen knives you own. There's knives everywhere. Doesn't mean that everyone is out there stabbing people ffs. Plenty daily things can be used to kill people. Just look at the way some people drive their cars... I'm a nurse and have seen people needing hospital treatment due to stabbings. Some without a knife. You can use a fork too. Should folk come out with their pitchforks (boom boom) any time a fork is posted here? What about metal kebab sticks? Razor blades? No Gillette deals? Where will the madness end??




If your looking for one you can carry about with you legally in the UK best with one of these..... If you are over 18 obviously, nice little pen knife without a locking blade.... https://www.heinnie.com/antonini-pattada-fc Sorry I have not read all the reviews..... Carrying the above will not go down well with the old bill..... maxmix

Kershaw Injection 3.0 WAS £49.95, Now £14.95 + £2 Cheapest Delivery Option - £16.95  Delivered @ Heinnie Haynes - Free Returns Via UPS Access Point - Limited Stocks
Found 5th Nov 2017Found 5th Nov 2017
Kershaw Injection 3.0 WAS £49.95, Now £14.95 + £2 Cheapest Delivery Option - £16.95 Delivered @ Heinnie Haynes - Free Returns Via UPS Access Point - Limited Stocks
At the risk of upsetting people, just noticed this is back in stock (maybe it has been for a while, as the last post I see on this thread https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/kershaw-… Read more
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Seriously? You'd want a ban on a great deal for a baseball bat?


What a ridiculous comparison to make! Acid has many great applications, so would it be ok to post a deal for a small jar or can of it on here. Only a few people have been injured by acid attacks, so it should be allowed on here. Remember, acid doesn’t scar people for life, people do


Let’s advertise some cheap acid deals as well then shall we?! Or cheap baseball bat deals?! Or cheap cigarettes?! The fools of our nation need control as they can’t do what’s safe for themselves as they’re too thick to understand. The genuine users of these type of typically used for violence products can seek them out themselves for the good uses they have and protect the bottom feeders by not advertising these


The fact that people like you and “tools comment boy” think this is ok to advertise to the masses is scary. This country has a massively under-reported growing at a scandalous rate problem with knives and it needs addressing before it’s too late! People need management by the government to keep them safe las they clearly don’t understand what this leads to and as has been shown in this thread there are too many bottom feeders out there that clearly can’t look after themselves or their future generations with their own misguided lack of intelligence


I’ve voted Hot. There are many things I have in the house that I don’t need to carry out on the street. My cordless Bosch 10.8v multitool for example. My 2lb club hammer, cordless drill etc. A locking knife is much safer to use in the garden or in general diy than a non-locking version. Especially in situations where a Stanley knife isn’t required.

Teeny weenly cute little Schrade mini 303 framelock knife £8.95 (+£2 P&P if under £20) was £18.95 @ Heinnie
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
Teeny weenly cute little Schrade mini 303 framelock knife £8.95 (+£2 P&P if under £20) was £18.95 @ Heinnie
Another lovely little knife from a good brand at a great price. No need to thank me, I'll just sit back and watch this go colder than a cold thing... again!
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IIRC you made some kind of personal attack? unlike MarkChambers whose 'm****s' comment was non specific. I'm sure the mods don't mind you registering your opposition to the deal itself or knife holders in general. Funny that you complain of censorship whilst attempting exactly that yourself - I'd imagine many Corbyn supporters think like that, but I could be wrong in assuming you were one. There's also the illogical nature of your point, nobody can legally carry this knife in public, just as nobody can carry a kitchen knife in public, so basically you are saying "don't advertise this item that could be misused by a criminal". This is the kind of knee jerk outrage that leads to new laws against hiring Lorries if you look a bit swivel eyed, in practice it achieves nothing but annoying everyone outside of London. And there is no "Knife Lobby", nobody bothers to ask if the laws can be changed, collectors can collect and the frothing Lefty virtue signallers can still keep all their seats warm on Question Time. You'd also have to be a right twonk turning up to a gang fight with one of these, when all your fellow drug pushers all have 8" kitchen knives and machetes. "Ooo watch out, Kevin's got a black knife, best not mess wiv him innit"


Whilst I am not a collector, I do have an interest in knives - just as a useful tool. I've carried a knife for most of my life, a small "penknife" when I was young and a lock-knife some years later. After quite a few decades of safely carrying and using my pocket knife I am now restricted in what I can carry and what I can use on an ad-hoc basis to help myself and those that do not carry a knife. In theory a knife law is a good idea but, like so many laws that restrict ownership and usage, this takes into no real account the reality that the vast majority of buyers and users are benign and that those with a malignant intent will find a way to source what they need.


Yeah, you sound normal.


I recently spent £500 on one of these, after waiting nearly 10 years on a list https://www.raymears.com/Bushcraft_Product/72-Woodlore-Knife/ Was i some deranged hoodlum waiting to harm someone or a collector?


Didn't ban them , they used them for money.

Schrade pocket knife £10.95 (+£2p&P if under £30) was £22.95 @ Heinnie
Found 29th Sep 2017Found 29th Sep 2017
Schrade pocket knife £10.95 (+£2p&P if under £30) was £22.95 @ Heinnie
Good knife from a good brand at a great price! Let the cold votes commence XD
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Victorinox Farmer Alox - Uk carry legal, metal construction and has a slightly thicker / more durable blade than a standard SAK, also has a saw and awl (works well for drilling holes in things, it's an end tool on the Farmer instead of on the side like with standard SAK's) so handy when out in the woods to.


Check crkt journeyer, I got one when posted here couple of months ago, and its awesome. This time with this one, I order also the Kershaw cinder, hopefully I will be able to remove the locking blade to make it legal to have on my keys.


Would this app work with Alexa too?


Are you saying people on here on not sharp enough, may I say a rather pointed remark.


Do you have any recommendations for something similar but under the legal limit? I have a couple of fixed blade bush craft knives, but fancy something more portable that I wouldn't have to worry about if taking on hikes etc. Edit : oh so after some googling, I must mean a 'folding' knife, not a 'lock knife'

Schrade folding pocket knife was £25, £7.95 @ Heinnie (£2 P&P if over £20)
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
Schrade folding pocket knife was £25, £7.95 @ Heinnie (£2 P&P if over £20)
I have a few knives from scharde and all punch well above their weight. Lightening delivery from HH, free postage if over £20 and its always sadly too easy to do so :(
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back in stock, £1 cheaper


Only because this deal is OOS, I personally recommend the Ganzo brand.LINK to Gearbest


Anything from Opinel, Schrade or CRKT


Hot. Decent knife for the fishing. But it is out of stock.


Isn't it the value of the deal to the person voting that matters?

Blackhawk serrated pocked knife £14.95 @ Heinnie. Was £42 (+£2 if under £30)
Found 3rd Aug 2017Found 3rd Aug 2017
Blackhawk serrated pocked knife £14.95 @ Heinnie. Was £42 (+£2 if under £30)
Never owned a Blackhawk knife but reviews seem positive and its a good looking little thing! HH delivery is £2 under £30 but typically rapid!
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I was genuinely surprised when I saw all the hate and cold votes for knife deals before. Seems to be the standard reception now on HUKD. Bizarre really. Knives are lovely things. This would make a nice gift and you could keep it just to admire it, like a nice pen. That's ignoring all the utility. Anyway, voted hot not that it will really counter all the down votes much. If you want to vote deals down, vote all the Nestle owned deals down - such as Nescafe. They kill babies. An estimated 1 million indirectly. But again, despite boycoting nestle I don't downvote nestle deals. That's not the point of the site. Vote on the deal, not on your prejudice. This deal is for a tool. Tools are good. Sad people.


Knives don't kill people, rappers people do.


Hope no one posts a deal on drain cleaner.


-112 degrees shows how ill informed, "PC" and pedantic hukd has become... this is a deal but because its a topical taboo its been voted cold.... get a grip hukders >:(


Fully agree... I bought a property with an attached 3 acre orchard, neglected for twenty years. Use of a Machete allowed an environmentally friendly and very efficient way for me to slowly manage and restore the orchard. I also see no value in cold voting because you don't like knives. I have several of various size and shape. I value all of them for their different use. I never carry one on the street. I hate Rap music but I don't vote it cold. On that note - Knives don't kill people, people do :D

Kershaw Injction 3.0 Pocket knife Heinnie Haynes RRP £49.95 -  £17.95 (+£2 P&P or free over £30)
Found 16th Jul 2017Found 16th Jul 2017
Kershaw Injction 3.0 Pocket knife Heinnie Haynes RRP £49.95 - £17.95 (+£2 P&P or free over £30)
Looks to be a belting little knife with great reviews a great price; HH usually deliver next day.
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Got a mora SS and its great for the camp kitchen, hard case high viz sheath and stupidly sharp!


Ordered yesterday. Arrived this morning. Great little knife. Very slim and light. Perfect for hikes.


Very similar (ie almost identical) to the Leatherman Crater, so great knife at this price. However, for an everyday or camping knife, carbon steel is infinitely better than stainless. Mora do some great knives around this price.


Mine landed at 9.15 this morning, not too shabby service! Very sharp out of the box Smooth, easy, one handed opening & closing Zero play in the blade Nice all round quality finish An awfull lot of knife for £18! Best part about any HH order is the "bits" you add on that you don't really need... Folding toothbrush Belt clips Pen that writes upside down Mini fold flat nail clippers Lil larry mini nebo <3


John Wick? He still working?

Kershaw Injection 3.0 reduced from £49.94 - Heinne Haynes - £17.95
Found 27th Jun 2017Found 27th Jun 2017
Kershaw Injection 3.0 reduced from £49.94 - Heinne Haynes - £17.95
A good reduction on a well reviewed knife. From Kershaw, designed by Todd Rexford, a solid "Injection" of awesome. This is a limited stock special offer at this price. The Ke… Read more

Back in stock


You mention not "cheap chinese tat" , but Sanrenmu make non locking models that fit your needs of having both a glass breaker and a roper cutter/ seat belt cutter and personally I've found them to be pretty good quality, especially considering their price point. 7095LUC-GI-T , 7098SUX-PP-T4 and 7094 STX-POH-T4 all meet your needs I believe if it's any help. On an unrelated note I love the outrage some people have at the mere thought of a pocket knife these days, honestly I think for one week some people should have all knife removed from them and see how they manage. Then they might understand it's a tool and it doesn't make people a knife wielding nut job merely by carrying one on a daily basis.


​i think the term pocket refers to the fact it will fit in there nicely, not that it is obligatory to keep it there at all times. it is a sad indictment of the state of the mentality of society that the assumption of this post is to promote violence because the exclusive use for a knife is to do harm! I'm sure people who spend a lot of time doing outdoor stuff have numerous uses for a nice sharp knife and yet have no history of violence just because they feel the need when a keen blade is in their grasp.


I never said I was looking for a knife that locks, only one that can be used in emergencies. I'm fully aware a knife can't lock and the cutting edge must be below 3 inches, which I why I own a Spyderco knife, they seem to be made with the UK law in mind. However it's only a very basic utility knife.


Apart from my much renowned meat injection.

CRKT Journeyer - Heinnie.com - £14.95 delivered
Found 24th Jun 2017Found 24th Jun 2017
A nice reduction on a well reviewed knife. In folded or locked position, it goes the distance. Leave the pin at home and it's UK friendly carry. Turn Liong Mah's folding ever… Read more

Yeah, last time I spent a few nights out on Dartmoor my tarp developed a tear. Duct tape is a brilliant quick fix. and i just wrap some of it around a pencil. I am in to lightweight camping and I have considered a razor blade instead of a knife, but a knife is much more versatile. And no the tear was not from my carless knife use. How would you have managed the situation without the duct tape and the knife to cut it? I'm planning a similar trip this summer for 4 nights and can thoroughly recommend it.




Had this a while now, cant really bring myself to like it (feels & looks ugly), well made but of my half dozen CRKT knives this is my least favourite... worth £15 though! Knives are useful tools, its the owner that turns them into weapons.


The point is , it isn't bought to protect yourself it was bought for its intended purpose, but it's a knife, there are things, like knives that are good for things other than their intended purpose, and it was mentioned in the description which is what someone picked up on, funny that there was a trampoline just below this post, more people injured from one of those than people getting slashed up,


My Spyderco and Journeyer both have sub 3'' blades and can both be opened and closed using one hand and are used for the simplest of tasks such as opening packaging, cutting banding straps, peeling fruit, cutting back plants, cutting string, slicing cheese, meat etc... In fact they are much sharper than the small knives in my cutlery drawer and are always to hand!

Casio edifice 326D £66.95 @ Heinnie RRP £200
Found 11th Nov 2016Found 11th Nov 2016
Casio edifice 326D £66.95 @ Heinnie RRP £200
Seems to be around £170 elsewhere. Not to my tasted but half decent watch at a very low price... Good Xmas gift for someone maybe? Delivery is silly quick from HH!
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I've cancelled it as its not solar :(


The gold trim really ruins it for me.


whilst travelling abroad, i was approached many times by local salesmen enquiring if I would like a Rolex, Cartier, Armani etc watch, lifting their sleeve to display a selection of very expensive watches (copies off), after a long day and what felt like the 100th salesman approach I was asked again would I like Rolex, Cartier, Armani, I replied I was very interested in a new watch, he replies which make would you like, I replied Casio, he looked puzzled then after about 15 seconds just walked off!...


It also says in the description, battery life 2 years, type SR621SW so they've just done an Amazon/Currys typo, it happens. Watch looks alright and will probably be reliable, decent value for what it is.


Good price if it's your sort of watch. Basic features but smart looking. And Casio is a decent brand for us normal folk!

Casio G Shock G2900F 8VER £27.95 & £2 P&P @ Heinnie
Found 4th Oct 2016Found 4th Oct 2016
Casio G Shock G2900F 8VER £27.95 & £2 P&P @ Heinnie
Seems a good price, typically +£50 elsewhere and RRP £85 Think delivery is free over £30 There are also a couple of very cheap Casio edifice on there too which may be "a deal" in… Read more
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Milne landed yesterday, very pleased... Was intended as a present but I might have to reconsider!


Had my order delivered but no watches. Out of stock.


The link does not seem to lead to the item, but no matter.I've always liked the look of the Casio G-Shock, but being a tightwad I thought I'd try a 'similar' Chinese manufactured sports watch first, I bought a S-Shock for my son from a well known Chinese direct shopping site, and it was so good I've bought an other for myself. We have used them for wake-boarding, knee-boarding and open water swimming all summer and they are both absolutely fine. They cost $6 (about £4 I suppose) delivered, now that is a hot deal![image missing]


Can only assume its sold out, ill expire.


Link doesn't work and can't find the watch on the website.

Hultafors Craftsmanship Orange Carbon - £5.95 delivered - Hennie Haynes
Found 13th Sep 2016Found 13th Sep 2016
Hultafors Craftsmanship Orange Carbon - £5.95 delivered - Hennie Haynes
I recently posted a similar knife but with different coloured handle (although the pic I used depicted the orange handle). The original knife is now out of stock, so the deal was … Read more

The answer to your question is yes. Personally I would get Opinel No 10 for £12.95 delivered. It's not as robust, not as cheap, but it's a locking folder (locks by twisting metal collar which feels like it's going to be unsafe, but it's not). It's just a really nice knife to own and use.


would this be suitable for cutting heads & tails off fish ( would have to cut through fish spine ). I'm looking for a knife that will do this & maybe one for skinning, prepping rabbits & game birds.


I have the Hultafors craftsman which I use to make heavy kitchen work easy. I also have the Hultafors heavy duty (check Youtube videos to see just how strong that knife is) which is for quickly hacking branches back, cleaning the crap from underneath the lawnmower and prising anything out of anywhere - seriously strong - both are cheap as chips. Also available for those cold voters who fear anything pointy is the Hultafors safety knife which can be had for a few quid. Beware though, whilst it isn't pointy, it is sharp. Pointy and sharp are different things. All very good knives for virtually nothing. I've voted hot.


Stop spouting facts.


Many thanks, will make sure it's dry.

Hultafors Craftsmanship knife carbon £7.95 delivered - Heinne Haynes
Found 12th Sep 2016Found 12th Sep 2016
Hultafors Craftsmanship knife carbon £7.95 delivered - Heinne Haynes
A great knife. Extremely sharp straight out of the box, and easy to keep an edge. On a par with Mora Knife blade of 2.5 mm carbon steel hardened to 58- 60 HRC. The edge is sharpe… Read more

It is a criminal offence to knowingly fall off one though.


Thats the thing isnt it though, they are free, abundant and there are no laws stopping children from using them ;)


I wouldn't even know where to buy a bridge.


How many people jump from bridges? In the wrongs hands they have one use, to kill. You have to be over 18 to have a proper bank account, they can tell from the card issuer how old you are.


....and in the right hands they have a legitimate use therefore they're legal.

Casio Edifice ECW M300EDB 1AER WAS £275.00 NOW £136.95 free delivery from Heinnie Haynes
Found 13th Jan 2016Found 13th Jan 2016
Casio Edifice ECW M300EDB 1AER WAS £275.00 NOW £136.95 free delivery from Heinnie Haynes
Good looking Casio Edifice solar and radio controlled watch which is £185.00 on Amazon. Great spec with the following: Solar Power - A solar cell provides power for operation. Radi… Read more

Back in stock £158 go via Quidco & get 8% cash back got my cash back within 2 weeks payable https://www.hsjohnson.com/watches-c123/mens-watches-c116/g-shock-gw-3000m-4aer-g-shock-aviator-p1147/s7551?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=g-shock-gw-3000m-4aer-g-shock-aviator-gw-3000m-4aer&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&cid=GBP&gclid=CMXXo--E6coCFRS6GwodNqIBjg




Heinnie.com is a reputable site, used them a few times. There customer service is excellent and normally get things delivered in 24 hours even with the free delivery over £30. It is a great site for knives and outdoors gear.


Just checked & not there anymore but keep looking as it may come back in stock I found a 10% voucher code & like there FB page & get a £1 off Quidco 8% cash back was £159 paid £142.10 then wait for my cash back if I get it I've got the black one as well excellent watch got mine from goldsmiths for £65 in tesco vouchers was £350 https://www.hsjohnson.com/search/casio?page=1


I've got the black metal bracelet version with blue detailing in the dial. I've been after this colour too. Where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking? Many Thanks

Enerplex Surfr iPhone 6 charger case £27.95 @ Heinnie
Found 28th Nov 2015Found 28th Nov 2015
Enerplex Surfr iPhone 6 charger case £27.95 @ Heinnie
Black Friday Deal - reduced from £67.95 iPhone 6 case with integrated 2700 mAh battery pack and solar panel for recharging whilst on the go ... Might be useful for someone ? iPh… Read more
Oakley iPhone 4 case was £9.95 now £0.95 +£2 p&p @ Heinnie Haynes
Found 1st Nov 2015Found 1st Nov 2015
Oakley iPhone 4 case was £9.95 now £0.95 +£2 p&p @ Heinnie Haynes
I don't own an iPhone (and I never will!) but this may be of use to some, I assume people use iPhone 4 still? I've had plenty of stuff off HH, all I know is it will be a genuine O… Read more
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Cold for never owning iPhone


Popular deal :D


Hot in 2010 Wasn't back to the future day the other week


Only appears to be available in the white variety sadly

CRKT Edgie - self sharpening knife, was £24 now £11.95 (+ £2 p&p if under £20 spend) @ Heinnie Hayes
Found 26th Oct 2015Found 26th Oct 2015
CRKT Edgie - self sharpening knife, was £24 now £11.95 (+ £2 p&p if under £20 spend) @ Heinnie Hayes
Great little knife, i have one with a slightly different blade. The gimmick self sharpener does work, after time it ends up with a coarse, alomost serrated edge but flies through … Read more
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You should really be looking at a fixed blade with a synthetic handle so that cleaning can be done thoroughly.


Have to agree Heinnie are excellent, my first stop for kit every time!


I suppose it depends largely on what member you wanted to dis.


Thanks OP Heinnie Hayes is a superb company to deal with Spyderco Bug, Honeybee and Grasshopper was last purchase for me until this.


Thanks, heat, will compliment my KISS

Heinnie.com Casio G-Shock GBA 400 1AER RRP £180 - £94.95
Found 7th Jun 2015Found 7th Jun 2015
Heinnie.com Casio G-Shock GBA 400 1AER RRP £180 - £94.95
I ordered one of these during the week, came next day delivery. Cracking GShock at an unbelievable price. The watch shop had it earlier in the week at about £118. At £94.95 thi… Read more

Thanks I'll get one


Comment Yes. It works with iPhone. Currently I'm using it with iPhone 6 Plus.


Does it work with the iPhone ? Tempted to buy one


Comment It is a brilliant site! I've never come across it before.


Nice but can't afford !