Heinz 4 packs of soup HALF PRICE £1.30 in Tesco

Heinz 4 packs of soup HALF PRICE £1.30 in Tesco

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From Tomorrow, Tesco have Heinz soup 4 pack on half price

Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup 4 X 400G - £1.48

Heinz Cream Of Chicken Soup 4 X 400G - £1.43

Heinz Vegetable Soup 4 X 400G - £1.30


Looks good. Least they have stock, last time Asda had none all the way through the promotion

Souper - thanks

Have been eating Morrisons value tomato soup until any offers turned up.

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Souper - thanks


bargain..heat added

All very well having these super duper electrics deals posted but glad someone is finding the useful stuff too.

Great deal. heat added. Thank you.

cheers big ears

umm need to go get the next 2 years supply

i hate paying more than 40p a tin for heinz soup
the supermarkets have faked its rrp the last 2 years or so

great thank you i love heinz soup

Not that price at tesco's here went in today to get the buy 1 get 1 free shreddies offer and was going to pick up some Heinz soup but its marked £1.99 for 4 pack so left it.

Just got the Chicken and Tomato. Still showing at full price on the shelf but scanning at half price.

just been to my local tescos.... no sale price on display... but scanned them in and they came up 1/2 price.. the lady explained they were probably busy thats why the sale price hadn't been put on yet.
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our store didnt have it for half price either


our store didnt have it for half price either

not in newport store still £1.99


761 degrees yet £1.67 at asda for 6 cans
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