Heinz Beans 200g - Instore 12p a tin! @ Asda

Heinz Beans 200g - Instore 12p a tin! @ Asda

Found 21st Jul 2008Made hot 22nd Jul 2008

Real bargain for all bean lovers.
I am one! and certainly found this deal to my liking.

Instore at Lancaster and I hope its nationwide



Voted hot! :thumbsup:

Hot from me!

Hot form me too, but smelly from my sons....

Thanks (I think), :p:p

do they supply pegs for your nose as well with these or a gas mask cos i'll need one if my other half starts eatin em!

voted hot

voted hot, prefer Branstons :-D

ooh, i love beans

The only baked bean worth buying and a bargain to boot!

Seems to be only available in stores mentioned - still scans at 44p at my local Asda :-(

It's about time we had a new section for a Supermarket "heads-up" rather than a HOT DEAL...

30 pence savings are part of day to day life are they not?

hot if was nationwide

Just bought 36 cans from Asda Crawley. Bargain. Great on a baked potato. Voted hot.

Also bought the last Bissel vacum cleaner for £20 in the same visit....

36 cans........ wow!

Original Poster

Wooo glad to see theres people benifiting from my "Heinz beans" find.

:D... i only bought 10... 36 is a very loyal bean fan!


not in my local store....................still HOT!!!

Hope there in my local!!! Hot hot hot!

Not in my local but they were doing 2 4 packs for £2 last week.

local store offer only boo hoo

if they did have them at this price, they sold out in my store before last wednesday
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