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Just back from my Local Asda (Rochdale) and they have Heinz 4 pack of beans at £2.16 each or 2 packs for £2. Both online and instore offer on till 8/12/09


Ive looked online and it doesnt seem to be online

Yes it is...groceries.asda.com/asd…475

Valid until 08/12/2009

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Thanks for that will edit couldnt see for looking lol

Good find. Time to stock up.heat added

I thought it was 3 for £1, which is / was an even better deal per tin

edit -just realised this is 4 tins x 2 packs total £2.00, so this is better per tin, if I've got that right.

got the 25p cans the other week which was a much better deal...

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jouster am i missing something here? 2x 4packs for £2 works out @25p a tin so how can that be a better deal cos its the same price per tin yes?

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equalityforall yes that is correct 2 packs of 4 so 8 tins for £2

Was 4 for £1 the other week.

Then again, they don't exactly go off do they.

Beanz means fartz,
Been 2 for a pound on offer in my local paper shop for ages

Prefer Branston but a good deal added heat

THE GAFFER;6983748

Beanz means fartz, Been 2 for a pound on offer in my local paper shop for … Beanz means fartz, Been 2 for a pound on offer in my local paper shop for ages

yeah but not 2 packs of 4 for a £1 were they ? If they were then they must have been clearing out or near end of date or something - not heard of 50p for 4 tins of heinz beans since the 90's


Prefer Branston but a good deal added heat

me too but will still be buying lots of these at this price , time to stock up just cannot decide whether to pick up 10 4-packs or go for it and get 20

Fill ya :stocking: , thats what I say !

Are these the beans from the children in need sponsoed sit in a bath of beans,....now put back into the cans!

Wish I'd stocked up more on the 4 tins of Heinz soup for £2 :-(

Only had one of those strong re-usable bags with me that day to take the weight!

Heinz 4 pack of baked beans is only £150 is morrisons.

mysupermarket shows as £2.16 2 FOR £4.00

and so does asda online.

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oscarlogan these are 2 4 packs for £ 2. Phil51 if you go on to asdas own site it is 2 for £2

In the store that I went into this morning (Skelmersdale), they were regular price of £2.16 for 4pk. No disrespect to the OP but maybe the offer is not nationwide or else Asda admin is not what it should be

Often supermarkets don't update their shelf labels, they do have a lot of products. Those remote plugs I bought recently from ASDA were still marked as £15 on the shelf but I took it up to the entertainment counter for a price check and sure enough they scanned at £5.

I don't think it's that common for large supermarkets to do store-specific deals.

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last night when i got back i checked online and it was showing 2 for £4 but i followed the link the 2nd porter down put and took me to them at 2 for £2 so i amended my post

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sorry mean 2nd poster

i just bought 2 packs (of 4) today in sainsburys for £3.

at my local asda they are priced 2 packs for £4 but they are selling them online 2 packs for £2 which is quite strange

my asda is is 3 for £1 - is that wrong then?

A lot of non-sense in this thread!

(this post included)

Lots of you need to go back to school for some English and Mathematics lessons!

A lot of confused people here!

I went to Asda to check the prices and they were marked up as £2.16 each on the shelf with no indication of a multibuy offer. I took 2 to the self checkout and it scanned as 2 for £4. However when you check online it is indeed 2 for £2!

I think this is either a mistake which may have been corrected in store or an online exclusive offer. £5 cashback on offer for new customers from Quidco/Topcashback so might just order for home delivery

Hope this clears up the confusion!

Just tried to order online...when I log in offer changes to 2 for £4 Might be store specific?

just been in hinckley store in leicester and they are £2.16 for 4 cans or 2 packs of 4 cans for £4 i took to customer services who said its store and online specific! case closed :~)

Bargain :w00t:

at the moment 3 for £1 is cheaper (33.33p per can)
the other offer is 4X2 for £4 (ie 8 divided by £4 = 50p per can)
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