Heinz Firecracker Sauce £1 @ Fultons

Heinz Firecracker Sauce £1 @ Fultons

Found 15th Oct 2017
Heinz firecracker sauce, its just like a fairly hot tomato ketchup, really nice, cant knock it for £1 for a 875ml bottle
Jack fultons....ashton under lyne.
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Great price, heat added
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Its seriously nice, on the description it says a fiery tomato and chipotle chilli sauce with a smoky flavour.
Got a bottle a couple of weeks ago, same shop, same price. Put it on everything so far, makes a nice sauce for homemade pizza too, time to get a couple more me thinks
I am @ Jack Fultons tomorrow,love this.
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Dammit, I seriously thought the large sizes of Firecracker Sauce were discontinued. Here's hoping my local Heron's have this tomorrow!
i seen this in farmfoods a while back, also had in KFC. fookin nice always buy now when i see. Trust me i Have a chefs pallet. But no uni degree utherwise i wud of been rich rich rich i tell ya
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