Heinz Puddings (twin pack), Treacle, Chocolate, Strawberry, Toffee, Spotted Dick  2 For £1

Heinz Puddings (twin pack), Treacle, Chocolate, Strawberry, Toffee, Spotted Dick 2 For £1

Found 7th Mar 2008
A twin pack of two little pots of Heinz 'Taste of Home' Irresistible Sticky Toffee Puddings - you know the kind you stick in the microwave and then smother in custard - yummeeeeee!!
£1.39 for one twinpack or 2 packs for £1 !!! That's 4 puddings for a quid. Not bad eh.
Flavours as above.
Also Heinz Custard, and Rice on offer 2 for £1.

Sorry, picture not available.
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Wow!!!! Who did that then? Who put the picture there? I thought only I could edit my deals? Thanks, whoever it was. :thumbsup:
Can you also check my link? I am unable to as my computer is not letting me click through to links for some reason. I am getting really, really annoyed with it, as I am unable to click on a lot of Quidco links.
That was me... Beautiful chocolate :lol:
Your link is fine- :thumbsup:
Thanks JB. :thumbsup:
These taste BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!
oh no, I aint ever gonna get that diet started :oops:
i could eat this lot till i'm sick!!!:w00t:
good spot:thumbsup:
I've already got a spotted dick, but thanks anyway :w00t:
Are they tinned on the shelf or are they fresh in the chiller?
They are on the shelf in little plastic pots, not tins. They are microwaveable. :thumbsup:
Cheers for this! I've amended my delivery tomorrow to suit!

That was me... Beautiful chocolate :lol:Your link is fine- :thumbsup:

I'm just glad that you didn't look up "Spotted Dick" pictures !?
Thanks :thumbsup:
This offer is nearly good enough to make me take a trip there!

Thanks OP.
you put it in the microwave? yuck...you cant beat homemade
mmmmmm! I want one just now!!
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