Heinz special blend tomato sauce  330g now only 50p a bottle @ Asda

Heinz special blend tomato sauce 330g now only 50p a bottle @ Asda

LocalFound 10th Mar 2009
Got this in Asda Cambridge now only 50p a bottle 330g size the best before date is april 2009 so this may be a local offer to clear them out however they did have quite a few trays on display
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At my Asda they had similar products also for a 50 pence.
Heinz special blend tomato sauce - as named in the thread (listed as originally about 70p)
Asda special ketchup (listed as originally about £1.40)
Heinz squeezy bottle ketchup with garlic (originally about £1.20) (possibly useful as part of a marinade)
Sorry I can't remember the full details I was distracted by a woman running past and screaming the whole shop down (looking for her kid)
This is the nicest tomato sauce going - I thoroughly recommend people try it, rather than the chemical-infused squeezy stuff!
Its an awesome Tomato Sauce, great price.
tastes alot like tomato puree
39p in bm bargains
38p in Asda Basingstoke
tastes like tomato puree, and if you look at the ingredients its not far off from being puree.
I thought this was horrible and threw virtually a full bottle away, much prefer Branstons tomato sauce.
Ace ketchup voted hot.
great price...
Get three bottles for one pound in Heron Frozen Foods.
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