Heinz tomato ketchup with Indian spices 25p Asda

Heinz tomato ketchup with Indian spices 25p Asda

Found 2nd Feb 2013
Maybe not be to everyone's taste but a good deal for those who like it.
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Found some at Cribbs Causeway store Bristol today has best before 01/02/2013 on it. Hence the price
Don't fancy sound of it myself but good find Heat! Wouldn't worry about shelf date about 24% sugar so not likely to go off as such
This stuff is bloomin' gorgeous! Always have a bottle of this in the pantry. Lovely on beefburgers - or even horse!
saw this in Tesco Extra Coatbridge today - 10p - didn't like the sound of it so didn't buy any
Ewwwwwwwwwwww is minging
good deal
I was in a store on Saturday....they had sauces from 2009 and crisps from 2011...literally shelves of out of date food...it felt like I was in a post-armageddon market...kinda frozen in time.....there were signs stating food was OOC....very odd....
I swear I've seen this 3 times in the past 3 days now!

Worst thing is they didn't even have any left in my local...
It's in B&M for 39p or 3 for £1, why they feel the need to come up with this rubbish I don't know. Same with the Balsamic vinegar one, and the HP with Guinness.

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