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Heinz Vegetable Soup 400g, £1 at Sainsburys

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They also do a 4 pack for £4. Asda is £6 for 5, or Tesco is £5 for 4 but these are for any variety. Personally the full price of these soups at £1.70 is outrageous especially as Tesco fresh soups are £1.60 for 600g and are quite nice. Other fresh soups like Covent Garden are good value too when on offer.
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    M&S canned soups are lovely and the regular price is 65p a tin. Avoid Heinz it’s just a rip off brand now.
    yes there pea an ham is yummy😋
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    If this seems cheap, it's only because of the price gouging that Heinz seem to have committed themselves to.

    I'm boycotting them. (edited)
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    This soup is way too sweet.
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    Baxters Soup £1 clubcard price Tesco currently. And much better than Heinz soup.
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    I stopped buying this rip off brand some time ago. its simply not worth the money and the price of it now per tin is stupid.

    heinz will just price them self's out of the market. at the moment its £1.75 a tin in asda L0L
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    Used to be 4 for £2, price is a joke now
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    Baxters soup is infinitely better than heinz junk.
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    Leave Heinz on the shelf. Robbers
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    way over priced..stopped buying
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    Make your own soup (gluten free) and save ££££££££££ (edited)
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    I think it's time for the British public to say no to higher than inflation price rises. Stop buying the Heinz brand . Let's all see the price adjustment.
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    Heinz stuff was overpriced when it was 50p. Found a better Big soup in Aldi looking for a good cream of tomato now…
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    Tomato 🍅 soup with hard veg yummy.
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    Always used to be two cans for £1 at Poundland in the good old days, although not that long ago - when you could also get 3 cans of Coke for £1 as well
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