Heinz Weight Watchers Soups, up to 75p each, 3 for £1 @ ASDA

Heinz Weight Watchers Soups, up to 75p each, 3 for £1 @ ASDA

Found 22nd Sep 2009
OK so not the world's most exceptional deal but if you eat a lot of soup, 33p a can for any brand above basics is a good price so this is a really good deal for calorie counters and soup eaters.
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Why have you posted this deal...you saying I'm fat?
Benji CC;6365464

..you had to wait until my back (Ithink it's my back) was turned before you snapped me..I am so upset..wheres my lard?
The carrot and lentil one is lovely.
I tried one a while back... chicken noodle I think it was. I've never had anything so vile in my life!!!
Fat people dont like weightwatchers food,not enough Cals in them to clench that orgasmic taste buzz apparantley!!
Some of these are really nice and the smaller tins are the perfect portion sizes if you're just making it for yourself.
Benji CC;6365464

That poor chair.....

Hot for me - the deal that is, not the pic.
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