**** Hell Austrian Lager - £14.99 for 10 @ Firebox

**** Hell Austrian Lager - £14.99 for 10 @ Firebox

Found 29th Dec 2015
**** Hell. ****. Hell.

This reassuringly foul-mouthed beer takes its fruity name from a small Austrian village known as ****, whilst the word 'Hell' is a term for 'pale beer' used in Southern Germany and Austria.

Initially the local **** authorities (!) and European Trademark Office appealed against its heroic sweary branding, but eventually this crazy decision was overturned so that we can all enjoy the cool, cathartic refreshment of **** Hell Beer.

It's the beer for any occasion. From stubbing your toe to seeing your team finally lift the World Cup. Drink it to capture the moment, to celebrate, to commiserate, to exercise your demons and raise a toast to life's ups and downs.

**** Hell it's refreshing and **** Hell you deserve it.

The reassuringly foul-mouthed beer for any occasion

- **** Hell it's refreshing
- Initially banned for its fruity branding
- Innocently named after the village of '****' in Austria
- Beer o'clock never tasted sweeter – "**** Hell, what a day"
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Yawn. What a boring and unnecessary branding. Beer for idiots.
£1.49 for a 330ml bottle...... no chance.
Oh my...even Bear Grylls would turn his nose up at this stuff. Branded for 14 year old play ground thugs.
I'll buy some when **** hell freezes over.
What a bunch of miserable, old, pompous ****... Chill the f*** out and have a beer.
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