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Hell Let Loose £19.99 @ Steam
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Hell Let Loose £19.99 @ Steam

Posted 29th Oct

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Game looks really nice, and has great reviews too!!

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting front line and a unique resource based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.

You've never played World War 2 the way it was meant to be played... with lumbering tanks dominating the battlefield, crucial supply chains fuelling the frontlines, being a cog in the machine of colossal combined arms warfare. Hell Let Loose puts you in the chaos of war, complete with deep player-controlled vehicles, a dynamically evolving front line, and crucial unit-focused gameplay that commands the tide of battle.

Featuring sweeping maps modelled on real reconnaissance images and satellite data, the entire battlefield is divided up into large capture sectors - allowing for emergent and constantly unique gameplay that pits two forces of fifty players in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests and towns on an ever-evolving front line. When a sector is captured, it will generate one of three resources for your team, creating a complex meta-game that will influence your team’s march to victory.
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hot hot hot!
This game is fantastic. Absolutely intense at times with amazing maps. The Omaha map was just released too I believe.
I do fancy trying this but BFV is getting the pacific maps this week so that will keep me busy for a while!
plus CDKeys is cheaper by 4 quid too.
Instant gaming has it for £14.18
Great game
I'm sure it's been cheaper on Steam before...
Nice deal. Heat added
Not my cup of tea, incredibly slow gameplay even by Red Orchestra standards. Probably more akin to ARMA pacing
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