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Hellboy (2019) 4K Dolby Vision £5.99 @ iTunes

Hellboy (2019) 4K Dolby Vision £5.99 @ iTunes

Posted 27th Oct
Though not particularly reviewed well, cheapest this has been. Dolby Vision / 4K
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Wait for it to come to Poundland
Very disappointing film.....
Wait for it to come to Poundland
Awful movie....
That price seems to be about £5.99 too much for the film.
not worth £1 let alone £6
Ron Pearlman is Hellboy, anybody else playing the role is just a poor imposter.
This film felt so wrong
ptgrav27/10/2019 06:38

Ron Pearlman is Hellboy, anybody else playing the role is just a poor …Ron Pearlman is Hellboy, anybody else playing the role is just a poor imposter.

To be honest Harbour was the only one trying in this movie..
Agreed, bad film, thought I’d hate Harbour and miss Pearlman but that wasn’t it, just a bad storyline and poor editing. I wish they’d remake *bad* films, not ones that were good.
Our copy went weird in the last 20 minutes and started cutting between scenes, it woke us up and made us pay attention again!
Terrible film.
Is it really that bad? Was thinking of purchasing at this price but having second thoughts now. Perhaps will wait until a further reduction on Black Friday.
Awful. I gave up after 15 minutes
This is 4K Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos so if you have the gear then its going to look and sound good even if the film reviews do look grim. The 4K blu-ray is £20 for comparison.
It’s genuinely one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, and I really wanted to like it. It feels like the sort of comic-adaption that would have been made 20 years ago: bad prosthetics, awful script, terrible acting. My wife and I turned to each other in the cinema and agreed it was absolute s**t. I can’t think of any other big release of recent years being so poorly made on every level. Rant over
The original is £7.99 and well worth it, the sequel is, too, and 4K as well
saucymonk27/10/2019 08:12

Awful. I gave up after 15 minutes

Same here, I stopped after 20 minutes which is the first time I have done that. Even bad movies I usually stick it out as I've started so I may as well finish. However this just felt bad. Hellboy is reduced to a whiny teenager with daddy issues and the other characters are either bland blocks of wood, unbelievable or both. That combined with awful editing, lack lustre acting (not even Lovejoy could save this) and awful SFX makes this a stinker. I would recommend anyone to avoid this and buy the first 2 films or the graphic novels or the 2 animated films.
I really enjoyed this movie. Fun, quirky, not afraid to experiment. The thing I dislike is iTunes pricing
Err, you dont like the price for a recent Dolby Vision Dolby Atmos 4K film that's only 5.99 but you like the film itself but most commenters really dont ?
I love iTunes but is anyone else getting really annoyed by the " limited time" prices that are then further reduced a week after? It really undermines my faith in "Sale" prices.
It happens quite a bit. The first option is to refund and re-buy but there are stories of people finding Apple not too happy when they do that a lot.
With black Friday and then Christmas there could be deals pop up any time - not to mention this year there was a sale week in January which trumped all the deals before that.
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