Hellboy Director's Cut: 3-Disc DVD - £3.99, free del, - Quidco

Hellboy Director's Cut: 3-Disc DVD - £3.99, free del, - Quidco

Found 22nd Aug 2008Made hot 22nd Aug 2008
Director's Cut of the first Hellboy movie. Three discs. Recently just advertised by HMV.

Don't forget 7% quidco.

Extended Directors Cut - Features Extra Footage Not Seen At The Cinema
Disc One - Special Features
Never-before-seen extended version of the film (10mins new footage)
Video introduction by Guillermo del Toro
Commentary by director Guillermo del Toro, exclusive to this cut
Composer commentary with isolated score
Branching DVD comics drawn by Mike Mignola with all-new expanded text from Guillermo Del Toro
'Right Hand of Doom': set visits and factoids
Storyboard track: now with hundreds of new images
DVD-ROM: Printable original screenplay, script supervisor's book, director's notebook

Disc Two Special Features
Video introduction by Selma Blair
Hellboy: The Seeds of Creation - 2 hour documentary on the Making-Of Hellboy
Deleted scenes with optional commentary by Guillermo del Toro
Character Biographies
Board-a-Matics : side-by-side comparison of scenes with the animated storyboards
Multi Angle Scene Breakdowns
Maquette 3-D character sculptures video gallery
Trailers, TV spots and Poster Explorations

Disc Three Special Features
Video introduction by Ron Perlman
Cast video commentary by Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Jeffrey Tambor, and Rupert Evans
Production workshops
Makeup and lighting tests
Q&A archive: Comic-Con 2002
A Quick Guide to Understanding Comics with Scott McCloud
Director's notebook
Production Design galleries
Mike Mignola pre-production art
Conceptual art galleries
Comic book artists pin-ups
Easter Eggs


Bought for OH

Thanks OP

Exellent, I've just gotten into the Hellboy series!

This was hot even when it was £5 at Play - great price.

it was on TV recently was it not?
is the extra footage worth £4?

This is an amazing film and the director's cut is great for anyone who wants a little more for their money. Of course at this price the regular edition would be worth it!
Great deal heat and rep added!


it was on TV recently was it not?is the extra footage worth £4?

Not really, it fleshes out the characters a little but doesn't add a huge amount to things. The commentary on the DC is very good though (but then again, Del Toro always seems to give good commentary, I could listen to him talking about films for hours). The making-of documentary on disc 2 is fantastically comprehensive as well and almost worth £4 in itself if you're at all interested in how films are made.

Well worth getting at £3, but there's not much more to the film on this version.

Also worth checking DvdRewind = dvdcompare.net/com…832

For the more serious dvd collector's amongst us?

Just ordered "Out of stock" but still took order, :thumbsup:

Hellboy 2dvd edition is £2.99 on HMV

I always use this site find-dvd.co.uk/ to check on DVD price's, some of the DVD's listed on the site have a trailer to watch if you wish, just been on and watch Hellboy and Robot Chicken do Star Wars.

Arrived 4th September :thumbsup:
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