Hellmann's mayonnaise, 2 * 400g jars £2 @ Asda

Hellmann's mayonnaise, 2 * 400g jars £2 @ Asda

Found 6th Aug 2009Made hot 6th Aug 2009
Just been in ASDA in Peterlee and they have 2 400g jars on offer for £2, ok considering one is £1.50....go easy its my first time :O)

There are various flavours too!! The olive oil one and the low fatty version


Good deal :thumbsup:

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Oh, I forgot to add....there are multiple types as well, the one with the olive oil added and the low fat one too.

King of Mayo's

what about the squeezy bottles bro?

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Didnt see them amigo, just the glass jars.......but they are re usable for stuff like pickling etc if you like that sort of thing.

I do like it outta the squeezys an all.......comes out like Mr Whippy.

I love mayo me.

Well thank you very much. I thought it was a bargin this morning when I went into Somerfiled and saw them on offer at 2 for 250p :-)

hot deal but way too fat for me

Nice Price.

Half Price in Morrisions atm @ 87p a jar, Thought Id mention for those that shop at Morrisions.
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