hellmans light mayonaise 50p @ Poundland
hellmans light mayonaise 50p @ Poundland

hellmans light mayonaise 50p @ Poundland

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saw this at my local poundland in bromsgrove, worcs. they were all reduced to 50 pence a jar


£50 or 50p ?

£50!!!!! :w00t:

£50? :w00t:


lol surely this should be hot finding something for £50 at poundland

Comes with a diamond encrusted lid, BARGAIN

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sorry peeps, bin ages since i posted anything on here. its 50p ......no diamonds on this one

looking for a pallet at that price lol

should read £50 for 100

Seems a bit steep

£50, looks like Jack got the golden eggs then. :-D


£50 just for one bottle of mayo :oops: voted hot, will check my store.

was wondering whether the quality will be same?


50 quid for a jar of whizzed up chicken embryos.

200g? 400g? 600g? 800g?

lovely stuff this thanks

at £50 total bargin!!

So Cheap Just £50.00. Lol

Disgusting stuff, this.

£50.00 is a bit steep, I'll sell you one for £45.99 on Ebay if you like.


200g? 400g? 600g? 800g?

I know right! It could be tiny half size or quater size ones! (of the standard ones we normally see them sell - 800g???)

Morrisons are doing a deal on them, or were anyway if you want a guaranteed alright price for mayonaise (this crap one and the proper original one)


Disgusting stuff, this.

agreed. Light mayonaise? Surely thats an oxymoron?

A sale at Poundland - whatever next? :thumbsup:


But its sooo funny when people point out an obvious mistake - I was rofling at every £50 comment - weren't you too? :roll:

Poundland are breaking protocol
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