Hello Kitty 5.1 megapixel digital camera £17.99 delivered @ currys ( was £39.99)
Hello Kitty 5.1 megapixel digital camera £17.99 delivered @ currys ( was £39.99)

Hello Kitty 5.1 megapixel digital camera £17.99 delivered @ currys ( was £39.99)

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For all those Hello Kitty fans out there, the Vivitar Hello Kitty Compact Digital Camera is sure to please.

The 5.1 mp Hello Kitty Compact Digital Camera features a 1.1" preview screen and comes with three interchangeable face plates to cater for a variety of moods! What's more, there's also Photo Booth software to ensure you get the very best from your first forays into photography. And there's a built in flash too. In fact, all this and it only weighs 8.8 ounces!

Lightweight and straightforward, the Vivitar Hello Kitty Compact Digital Camera is more than just a novelty.


Crap make of camera.

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Apologies for no image...kind of hoping someone will help me out with it :-)


It says photo's are taken at 640x480. Don't bother if that is the case.

Heat added,
bought it for my 4 year old grandaughter, cant go wrong for that price and if she brakes it its not the end of the world !

Yeah, if it's aimed at small kids, it isnt a big issue whether the images are perfect. It'll be dumped in a corner anyway. Heat added

Just to clarify incase anyone wonders this camera is £19.99, there is then the 10% discount the poster mentions which you include once going through checkout making it £17.99

Also they say the camera is 5.1mp so not too bad for a child to play with.

I can confirm I have just paid £17.99 and NO delivery charge !

640x480 is 0.3MP not 5.1MP.


I am quite annoyed as i bought this a week or so ago as it said 5.1mp but it clearly isnt. Its got crap reviews on amazon too, wish i hadnt bothered

"How bad can it be, we thought, when we bought this for our 3.5 year old, who was eager to start taking her own pictures. The viewfinder on the back is the size of a postage stamp and blurred black and white. It is impossible to see what you're taking pictures of. It has absolutely no function as a camera for a small child, is no easier to use than a normal camera, and is just so cheap and shoddy."
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You're better off getting a half decent normal camera and putting some stickers on it.

£17.99 is really not very good value for a 0.3MP resolution camera, which is what this actually is. 5.1MP is clearly an interpolated figure, which is pretty meaningless. I'm sure I've seen similar on Ebay for under £10.00. Sorry, op, cold from me.

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BAD Kitty

And yet people pay proper money for Dianas and Holgas, which themselves were nothing more than roll-film toy cameras of the 70s. No idea why the Holga is so popular these days — I thought nostalgia was a thing of the past.

These have been reduced from £19.99 to £17.99 in Asda for ages.

Bye bye Kitty
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