Hello Kitty Toddler "My first hello kitchen" was £49.99 now £14.99 @ Toys R Us

Hello Kitty Toddler "My first hello kitchen" was £49.99 now £14.99 @ Toys R Us

Found 25th Nov 2011
My wife just bought this for our daughter (who will soon know more than her mum about cooking at this rate!!!) seems a steal at £14.99.


plus £4.95 delivery.

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plus £4.95 delivery.

Ta for the addition, but you can also pick it up in store at this price

yes i did see that, was just saving people time, £4.95 is a lot for delivery if you cant collect from a store.


there was another kitchen on the other day for £10, not hello kitty but it was an amazing buy, this is still good as I paid £25 for mine

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog Playpennies!


picked this one up today, not bad at all

This is very poor quality, thin plastic. Just don't lean on it ok.

Was never worth £50 they are having a laugh and people fall for it !

Good price at £15 tho

bought this last year from Mothercare for a 4 year old and she was way too big for it. it was quite small. good size for a 2 year old.

£7.50 at The Entertainer I believe

don't say that Gollywood. I spent almost an hour waiting for the useless staff at Toys R us to get me this. Looking at it, it made it out to be huge, but when I saw someone else carrying one, it was tiny.

Still bought one, it'll do for the niece lol.

Showing as £10.00 at the Entertainer but its currently out of stock although it says you can check local stores for stock.

I picked one up earlier on today and my daughter loves it. Thanks.

£24.99 now

Picked one up yesterday,the lady at the till said ,the reduction was only over the weekend.Got it for £14.99 ,since I had reserved it over the weekend!! Thanks!!
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