Hello Panda 4 x 25g Pack, Chocolate, In Store @ Poundworld £1

Hello Panda 4 x 25g Pack, Chocolate, In Store @ Poundworld £1

LocalFound 3rd Mar 2016
Picked these up at Argyle Street, Glasgow Poundworld earlier. Cellophane wrapped. Biscuits With Chocolate Flavour Filling.

29p each in Home Bargains as mentioned quite recently.

Picture with (crumpled!) receipt in Post #1.
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There 4 for £1 in home bargains or 29p each. They've been in for over a month now, strawberry flavour too.

Also they taste disgusting, my nieces even cringed at them ... granted they did eat them eventually but was not a fav.
I am a bit choosy with chocolate, anything "chocolate flavoured" tends to be yukky, so I'll give them to my nieces
Had these at four for £1 in my home bargains for over a year but I love them, taste like the old cartoonies biscuits if anyone remembers them
I bought some of these the other day, they don't taste as nice as I remembered ... a bit like cartoons from the 80s/90s... never as great when you watch them as an adult.
B and m bargains have scooby doo ones like these/cartoonies - and they taste a lot better than the hello panda ones imo, 10 bags for £1.39 and a free scooby doo magnet inside
Saw these in Poundland earlier as well
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