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HelloFresh - 65% off first box, 30% off for 2 months + 3 free gifts, no contracts - e.g 2 people with 3 meals £9.97 using code

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HelloFresh have a January deal, where you can get their cheapest option - 2 people with 3 meals each, for £9.97 (83p per serving) for the first box, and then a recurring discount for 2 months of 30% (£33.48 -> £23 odd quid).

If nothing else, get the first box for a steal, and cancel your membership - there are no contracts.

The three free gifts typically include a dessert, an upgrade meal discount code, and some other code. It's not really 'gifts' more vouchers to sucker you back in, but could be a good deal to some.

Enter discount code HELLORG65 on checkout.
Hello Fresh More details at Hello Fresh
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    Tried hello fresh before. The portions are really small, almost child size and everything started to rot within 3 days, so not very fresh at all.
    I'm sure it's not like that in most cases, but that was my experience with the company
    Had terrible service from Hello Fresh on all three times I tried them. The amount of spoilt, or very low quality food was unbelievable.
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    Terrible service. I had 2 out of 5 orders returned back to Hellofresh by the courier.
    They then refunded me with credit rather than to my credit card and took an additional payment for my next orde, because you can't use credit with an offer.
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    Not really for people on a tight budget, but if you’re basing your evaluation on the food only, you’re missing the point slightly. We’ve been using Hello Fresh for a while now and only had the occasional ingredients issue but that has been dealt with satisfactorily. Delivery has always been when expected.
    The ingredients undoubtedly could be sourced for less, but you pay for the convenience as well as it helping you reduce your food waste. Portion sizes are adequate. Every so often we put deliveries on hold and use the recipe cards that we’ve saved to help save on the cost of the food, but always return to the delivery.
    Usually a good selection of vegetarian/vegan options too if that’s your preference.(nerd)
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    TopCashback have a better deal than this
    Tcb is 60% off and 25% off for 2 months?
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    Be careful with HelloFresh that you cancel your subscription. The initial deal is good but if you don't cancel they will debit you full price next time and I was unable to get a refund. My own fault but thought I'd point it out to prevent anyone else getting stung!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Cancellation is quite easy - it's under the account page and it let's you self-cancel. I've delayed future boxes just to make sure i don't forget to cancel on time.
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    Not worth it with any discount or cashback offer.
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    I used them until Peta report about them sourcing coconut milk from forced labour of monkeys in Thailand !!!
    Boycott the coconut milk rather than banning anyone using it may be a simpler task?? Or just stop using the milk??!
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    Been using hellofresh for years now but only ever use discount codes. We have 2 accounts in the house so alternate offers.
    How do I go about this? We been using it for years also.... but with one account with student discount. If I can save more money that would be great