Hellraiser Trilogy Blu-Ray £12.99 The Entertainment Store Ebay

Hellraiser Trilogy Blu-Ray £12.99 The Entertainment Store Ebay

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Found 18th Jan 2018
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Here come the nightmares again !!
Gopher424 m ago

Here come the nightmares again !!

That third one was a nightmare, second one was ok, first was good.....
I still quite enjoy the 3rd one, it's not great but still quite good silly fun. It's fair to say it's a masterpiece compared to some of the other Hellraiser films that followed it - check out number 9, Hellraiser: Revelations, for genuinely one of the worst films ever made. It doesn't even have the fab Doug Bradley in it to give it any redeeming features at all, and the new Pinhead is woeful.

Of the straight to video sequels, Hellraiser: Inferno, directed by Scott Derrickson of Doctor Strange fame, is probably the best if anyone does want to check them out (although Pinhead is crowbarred into the story for a fleeting appearance, as like many of the others, the original script was just a standard horror story and nothing to do with Hellraiser).
The 2nd one was good - The Doctor is in.
Cenobite: We have such sights to show you...
Pinhead: Sights that are now in crystal clear Blu-Ray. Sharper than a pin, apparently.
Cenobite: Eh?

First two films are brilliant, but from 3 onwards... meh. Some of the decisions just smacked of people not understanding horror - such as turning pinhead's eyes from human to black as his dark half splits from his human half. His humanity, or former humanity, was a central part of what made the character so good.

EDIT - I haven't seen Inferno though, which is apparently decent.
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