Hellsing DVD Box Set: Classic Collection £17.87 + Free Delivery @ Blah
Hellsing DVD Box Set: Classic Collection £17.87 + Free Delivery @ Blah

Hellsing DVD Box Set: Classic Collection £17.87 + Free Delivery @ Blah

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The worst enemy of the night is one of its own! The entire collection of outstanding anime adventures featuring the Hellsing Organisation...

Vol.1 - Impure Souls A secret war brews in the night - a war where humanity is only a pawn. The Hellsing Organization deploys in the shadows to protect the mortal world. But now, artificially spawned vampires have appeared, forcing Hellsing to call in their ultimate weapon; the rogue vampire - Alucard! After he transforms the dying Seras Victoria into a vampire, they join forces to combat the undead army, as well as to quell their new found hunger....

Episodes comprise: The Undead, Club M and Sword Dancer.

Vol.2 - Blood Brothers Alucard and the Hellsing organisation face a twofold challenge! A traitor within begins leaking classified information and a TV journalist is out to expose Hellsing's secret mission!

Episodes include: Innocent As A Human, Brotherhood and Dead Zone.

Vol.3 - Search And Destroy The Hellsing Organization's war against the undead intensifies! The organization suffers major losses in battle and Alucard must confront the deadly Pladin Alexander from Iscariot again! Then the stakes are raised as he prepares to face one of the original undead - and Integra fights for her life against her own sister!

Episodes comprise: Duel, Kill House and Red Rose Vertigo.

Vol.4 - Eternal Damnation The Hellsing Organization makes its last stand against the unknown traitor and Incognito, one of the original undead, at the Tower of London: with the Queen and Integra's life at stake! Seras must finally make her choice about what she has become and the mysterious bond between Alucard and Integra is revealed...

Episodes comprise: Master Of Monster, Transcend Force, Total Destruction and Hellfire.


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Anime? :lazy:

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Ignorant Pom;4355434

Anime? :puke:

I knew you'd be up for this one Pom:oops:


I knew you'd be up for this one Pom:oops:

Sorry but I have developed a hatred of anime over the years.:prop:

OMG! i shouldn't order it but i want too
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