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Various Schuberth C4 Helmets and a SC1 offer £299.99 @ Helmet City
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Various colour schemes available and the cheapest being the gloss black or matt blue at £299. It's the cheapest around for a C4. I have the matt black and its brilliant. If you bu… Read more

Some budget helmets score very well on sharp, blunt, oblique and graze impacts but where u gain with these is comfort, low noise and low condensation which makes a huge difference over long distances


That's a good point. One thing to note from the Sharp test is the flip front stayed attached 100% of times in tests, which for me indicated it's as secure as a full face. Also BMW Helmets were rebounded Schuberth too.


I think the Sharps test a bit theoretical and we don't have accidents that way. Also factor in that if the helmet is a LOT more comfortable and quieter you are less likely to be distracted. I believe most of the Police motorcycle riders use the C4.


Check SHARPS : some Schuberth helmets don't score well. https://sharp.dft.gov.uk/helmets/?manufacturer=Schuberth&model=All&type=2


These are the Rolls Royce of helmets - VERY highly recommended

Schuberth R2 from HelmetCity.co.uk - Multiple Colours - £179.99
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Schuberth R2 in multiple styles down from an RRP of £439.99
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These are any good?


Shame matt black isn't on sale.


I wonder if the sharp score on this will be any better than its predecessor? The R1 was rated 2 stars.


very tempted with one of these. seems like a great deal especially if you take a Bluetooth unit too. heat!


£260 off a good helmet, heat from me. I bought the S2 sometime ago, and i'm still overly impressed by this brand.

Schuberth helmets with heavy reductions at helmetcity - S2 was £479.99 now £269.99 @ Helmet city
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Helmetcity have big reductions on Schuberth helmets - link goes to the S2 (colour) reduced from £479.99 to £269.99 (Gloss white is also available for £249.99. Other colours at vari… Read more

I can't see a pun!


Great find, I paid £560 for my C4 in January. It's a cracking helmet (excuse the pun).


Great helmet for Class A builders! Thanks OP!




Always buy my lids from their clearance section

Rukka Armaxion Gore-Tex® Jacket £674.99 + Free Delivery @ HelmetCity
Found 23rd Aug 2018Found 23rd Aug 2018
Rukka Armaxion Gore-Tex® Jacket £674.99 + Free Delivery @ HelmetCity
Was looking for a decent jacket to replace my Triumph and I came across this. Thought it might be a gamble sharing it as people will be put off by the price but Rukka are an amazin… Read more

Great deal, hot


I'm reminded of an advert for Bell helmets from the 1960's. 'If you have a $10 head buy a $10 helmet'.


They go for £500 or so on ebay when 3 years old! These jackets are never (or very rarely) cheap.


If he’s looking at this jacket, he’s probably already got one! This is to protect him. Not ride.


Would love a set of rukka gear but can't justify the price to myself, although 2 hours on the M5 the other Saturday did see my revit gortex fail me, was soaked through and I am defo gonna get some new boots, RST paragon 2 had puddles in them.

Muc off BOGOF - £9 1L x2 instore @ Helmet City
LocalLocalFound 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Muc off BOGOF - £9 1L x2 instore @ Helmet City
Muc off 1ltr bogof (for motorbike / motorcycle / bicycle) Not got the receipt as I paid cash, but I bought it at Tatsfield on Saturday 11th. There were 2 big stacks of them at bu… Read more

Apologies for the crap posting, it’s the first time I’ve posted from a tablet.

Motorcycle Helmets Clearance @ Helmet City
Found 2nd Jan 2018Found 2nd Jan 2018
Motorcycle Helmets Clearance @ Helmet City
Good deals on the under £100 deals, especially the Shark deals. Not all sizes available. I am XXL head size so nothing for me! BUT for the people that say too cheap for a helmet, t… Read more

the sizing runs small, not the helmets... I'll leave you to work that one out :D


Ffs, you couldn't make this up. I'll leave you to buy a smaller sized helmet than you need to fit a larger size head from a range that runs small. I don't think it's the size of Shark helmets that's the problem here.


Not my fault you're hard of thinking.


No. Contradictory nonsense.


No, I never said smaller than label size, I said sizing runs small. The opposite, wasn't the fact I suggested he try on an XL shark a clue? ;)

Schuberth C4 - Pulse White - £399.99 @ Helmet City
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
Schuberth C4 - Pulse White - £399.99 @ Helmet City
Brilliant helmet with a saving of £250. This is an actual £250 saving, as far as I can see everywhere else has it advertised at the RRP of £650.

Not loving the colour scheme (presumably the reason for the discount) but cracking price.


I bet, you like your helmet better.


C4 is a huge improvement on the C3 Pro, I imagine there's a world of difference between C4 and C2.


I owned a C and a C2 and they were great but I bought a Laser 9 months ago and the build quality is better.


My Mrs likes my helmet

Schuberth c3 pro £319.99 @ Helmet City
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Schuberth c3 pro £319.99 @ Helmet City
Brilliant helmet from a premium lid manufacturer you can trust. This price includes a pinloc insert which is usually £30 extra for most lids. The rrp is £489 and places like js acc… Read more
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My lid arrived today - just registered it for the five year guarantee which I didn't know about. Bargain ☺


I had a C3 Pro and now have a C4. IMHO anyone who can afford the difference should definitely get the C4, it's a complete redesign and a huge upgrade. The visor is bigger, the problem with the seal at the top of the visor is gone, the integrated Sena intercom system is really nifty, and there's a long list of other improvements. This is a better deal: hotukdeals.com ... schuberth-c4-pulse-white-39999-helmet-city-2868454


These are stunningly good helmets


Good price reduction but it's only SHARP rated 3 stars


Excellent price for good lid.

Shoei xr1100 £239.99 Helmet City
Found 7th Apr 2015Found 7th Apr 2015
Shoei xr1100 £239.99 Helmet City
Looking for a new lid to replace my old Shoei, and found this at an amazing price. other colors available too. Seems a bargain, unable to find cheaper elsewhere. Shop has great rev… Read more
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i was thinking to buy a cheap bike for 400 or 500.... But this helmet. ... hmmm




I thought helmet city was what they called Edinburgh?


Visor's are easily swappable between shoei helmets, so if they are, probably wont be a problem unless they go for a new fitting mechanism, which I don't believe they have in the 10+ years I've had mine.


Thanks op, I've got my cbt next monday and I'm starting to look for gear for after. I never knew there were this many bikers on here.

Schuberth C3 flourescent yellow £299.99 @ helmet city
Found 25th Jan 2015Found 25th Jan 2015
Schuberth C3 flourescent yellow £299.99 @ helmet city
Cheapest I can find. £200 off list. Wish I'd bought this instead of the black C3 for £226 from Wheel up online Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

The Gloss Black version seems to be available for £249.99.[img]http://www.helmetcity.co.uk/cart.php?suggest=54c693a631bde[/img]


Looks like they've sold out. I tried to order one online and they "don't have sufficient quantity to fulfil order". I'll try again in the morning. Infinity are out of stock company wide but would not match this price even if they had stock. I wasn't quick enough but at least I have the black one.


Safety is the reason for fluorescent yellow. for me it hopefully means I would never hear the words my nephew hear " I'm sorry I didn't see you" I've got a brand new unworn Matt Black version of this helmet which I'd be happy to sell for the £226 it cost me.


you would pay £300 to look like a giant lollipop


nice price horrible colour still hot for price

The Shoei XR1100 Conqueror TC5 motorcycle helmet £269.99 sold by Helmet City
Found 28th Apr 2013Found 28th Apr 2013
The Shoei XR1100 Conqueror TC5 motorcycle helmet £269.99 sold by Helmet City
This normally costs over £400. I have recently bought a Arai RX7 Corsair helmet for £349.99 but wish I had seen this deal. So just posting it on here so any other biker's can check… Read more
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because you have an aftermarket exhaust or your bike is just loud? I was more on about the wind noise, shoei go on about their new air intake system and in my experience as they were the only helmets i bought, they've simply gone cheaper in order to compete with all the new manufacturers out there now. Im a believer that a helmet should fit, your cheeks should push up and there should be minimal to no twist movement!, Too many nowadays think oh thats snug when it's clearly not pressing on their face, the shoei's were great, but even with a correct fitment, the air noise was unbearable for me.


Quiet lid or not, I always wear my earplugs. Better to be safe than sorry 10 or 15 years down the line when your hearing has gone to pot.






Makes me want to buy another bike! Aw f*** it, I;ll just walk around with the helmet and pretend:D

Schuberth C3 Motorcycle Helmet. £299.99 + £10.00 for shipping @ helmet city
Found 9th Dec 2011Found 9th Dec 2011
Schuberth C3 Motorcycle Helmet. £299.99 + £10.00 for shipping @ helmet city
This might seem expensive for a helmet but MSRP is £450-500!!! so this is cheapest I've seen anywhere! The world’s first flip-front race helmet + the world’s smallest, lightest, q… Read more

I think this was covered previously; https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/schuberth-c3-motorcycle-helmet-270-lidsdirect-1035528 ;)


Schuberth don't do too well in SHARP tests though. 3* for this one: http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/schuberth-c3


Think again, is your head really worth £310 ?? :p


You can buy a car for £300.


Superb price, try one on to see if it fits though.

Arai RX7-GP - Nicky III - Helmet City £399.99 - £240 OFF!!!
Found 20th Jul 2011Found 20th Jul 2011
Arai RX7-GP - Nicky III - Helmet City £399.99 - £240 OFF!!!
Arai RX7-GP Nicky Hayden replica. £240 Off , big saving from original £639
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whoa.... that took some time to finally see that £240 saving on retail price aint half bad.. :-))))))


price, ok. but value.....thats subjective on this stuff


You seem to be missing the whole point of HUKD - is it the best price/value?


seems pretty much all bike gear related posts end in a "you'll die first", "no, you will" debate. The choice at the end of the day is "do you like this helmet", "does it fit", "is it suitable for your pocket, head, self worth".....if the answers are YEP...get it in your basket!


Misuse of statistics! FAR fewer bike riders. For a whole collection of reasons, mile for mile you are 11 times as likely to be killed on a bike than in a car! As a biker (and driver) I don't like the statistics but they are reality. Back to the deal - get yourself a SAFE helmet (see SHARPS, etc) - don't pay way over the odds for a fashion statement. £100 will get you something decent if you take your time to choose properly. This helmet gets 4 stars: http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testhelmetlist?sharp-make=99&sharp-model=RX-7+GP&sharp-type=All&sharp-rating=1&discontinued=1 And here's a 5 star helmet for £90: http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testsratings/caberg-v2-407 Pay more if you wish but don't claim it makes you safer!

Shark RSR2 Carbon Helmet £219.99 @ helmetcity
Found 15th Feb 2011Found 15th Feb 2011
Shark RSR2 Carbon Helmet £219.99 @ helmetcity
Helmetcity.co.uk RRP £450 - over half price. Available in a few colours. Shell made from Carbon/Kevlar multi-directional composite fibres. Five different sizes of polystyrene ab… Read more

5 star SHARPS rating too (though you can get 5 stars at an even lower price point).