Henckels Five Star Knife 6 Piece Drawer Set £165

Henckels Five Star Knife 6 Piece Drawer Set £165

Found 13th Oct 2006
Not exactly cheap, but seems like a bargain. Cheapest price I can find elsewhere is £239.

Thought by many to be the best.

Handle material: synthetic (polypropylene)
SCT process
Hand guard (bolster)
FRIODUR, ice-hardened
Blades made from stainless, special recipe steel
Laser controlled sharpness
Dishwasher safe

The development of the FIVE STAR knives involved professional chefs. The result is very special: Ergonomics in this case, take the shape of these outstandingly designed handles which prevent tiring - even after several hours of 'slaving over a hot stove'. No compromise concerning sharpness, these are the hallmarks of professional knives for the future.

Paring knife, 10cm
Sandwich knife, 13cm
Slicing knife, 16cm
Chef's knife, 20cm
Bread knife, 20cm
Natural wood knife drawer/chopping board

As used by Lorna Bobbit


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Thanks mrtootough - I've added a price to the title. Seems like a top quality set of knives

As used by Lorna Bobbit

Yeah yeah!

Hi bought the eight piece set after seeing the tip off from edi. Its a great set of knives, very sharp and handle well. Bit on the big side though, more for the boy chefs methinks :-D
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